Jul 242016
Endangered Species Act: A Big Success!

One of the most frustrating elements for me of the toxic political climate today is how little facts seem to matter anymore in public discourse. It’s become a common belief that the Endangered Species Act hasn’t worked because, since its passage in 1973, only a handful of species have recovered enough to be de-listed. Just […]

Apr 062016
Can Texas Protect Its Creepy, Tiny, Blind, Rare Wildlife?

San Antonio, Texas – A ritual of nature is happening in the woody hills around Austin and San Antonio. The first golden-cheeked warblers, with brilliant yellow faces streaked with black, have arrived from Mexico and Central America to raise their young. The Texas Hill Country is the only place on Earth where this little songbird, […]

Dec 282013
Could I interest you in some buntings?

This summer was full of buntings. A bunting-filled summer. Buntings everywhere. We can offer Painted, Indigo, Lazuli, and Varied. Take your pick. Come one, come all. But this is weird because I’m talk-tying like this is present tense and it’s actually past tense. But you know what I’m getting at. More to the point: this […]