Jan 242018
Knee Deep…

If you are a Red Lechwe (Kobus leche) the flood waters of the Okavango are your friend. Not only do these antelope thrive on aquatic plant species but the knee deep marshy water provides them with excellent protection from predators who are unable to match their speed and agility in this aquatic environment. Okavango Delta, […]

Dec 122017
Trump’s indecision on trophy hunting reignites heated debate

On November 15, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lifted a ban on the U.S. import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The president put a hold on the order two days later, calling trophy hunting in a tweet a “horror show.” He has yet to make a final determination regarding the USFWS order. […]

Oct 022017
Lions of Mashatu

Winter is a time when predators prevail in Mashatu. This is a wild place in the south-east of Botswana, where game, notably the elephants and the lions, are free to move back and forth between Botswana and Zimbabwe. During our recent trip to Mashatu in mid-August, we were fortunate enough to see the lion on […]