Apr 082016
In Search Of South Florida Vagrants

There have been some extraordinary sightings of unexpected bird species these past few months with one in particular that was being reported at the end of February resulting in this report.           The Northern Parula above (image 1) was photographed at Long Key State Park in March 2016. Tom Obrock and […]

Feb 062013
Lake Apopka, 1/26/2013

Beyond finding the Brown-crested Flycatcher and other flycatchers I was looking for, I had fun finding other birds as well. Several birds posed for photographs, most notably Red-winged Blackbirds, Eastern Phoebe, and Ospreys. Also a Red Admiral landed on a tree trunk for me. In my haste to find the flycatchers, I didn’t stop much […]

Jan 312013
Brown-crested Flycatcher at Lake Apopka, 1/26/2013

This morning I went out to Lake Apopka. A friend of my told me that he’d found several interesting flycatchers there: Brown-crested, Ash-throated and Least Flycatcher. I had to borrow my daughter’s bike to get out there in time to see the birds and get back in time. I must have looked pretty funny riding […]

Jan 022013
Burlisto cola castaña (Brown-crested Flycatcher)

Una hora de tiempo me llevó el seguimiento de un pequeño grupo de Burlistos en el casco de la Estancia Don Joaquín en Formosa, puedo decir que no caminamos en vano todo este tiempo con Willy en los momentos previos al almuerzo del día Lunes 26 de Noviembre ya que pudimos registrar mucha actividad de […]