May 312017
Pelícano pardo (Brown Pelican) Pelecanus occidentalis

Durante mi viaje a Cuba tuve la suerte de poder observar y fotografiar durante todos los días que estuve en Varadero al Pelícano pardo, una de las aves que tenía ganas de conocer y no me defraudó para nada. Lo podía ver todos los días sobrevolando el mar y en ocasiones zonas aledañas demostrando toda […]

Sep 172016
Tropical Storm Hermine At Bunche Beach: Pt. II

With less than favorable conditions for photography of the wildlife at Bunche Beach, it seemed obvious that the birds were not airborne unless disturbed. I opted to remain at one observation point about a quarter mile east of the parking area where a good sized flock of shorebirds were actively feeding. The mangrove trees offered […]

Jul 242016
Endangered Species Act: A Big Success!

One of the most frustrating elements for me of the toxic political climate today is how little facts seem to matter anymore in public discourse. It’s become a common belief that the Endangered Species Act hasn’t worked because, since its passage in 1973, only a handful of species have recovered enough to be de-listed. Just […]

Jul 062016
Summer Florida Birding Beach Tour: Part II

This second post in a multi-part series continues with an emphasis on Florida wildlife beach observations including a bonus species seen in Sarasota, Florida.           The Reddish Egret above (image 1) was photographed at Siesta Key Beach in June 2016. Tom Obrock joined me for a return trip to Sarasota on […]

Jun 052016
Little Estero Lagoon Spring Nesting

For good reason Little Estero Lagoon comes in a close second as a favorite Southwest Florida wildlife venue behind Bunche Beach Preserve. The birds were very accommodating as I continued my walk south toward Carlos Point and back. The Black Scoter was an especially nice find with their behavior “ridiculously tame” as world wildlife photographer […]

Jun 012016
Little Estero Lagoon Spring Nesting

An early May visit to Little Estero Lagoon south of Fort Myers Beach was very rewarding with a walk of the beach beginning at the Wyndham Garden Hotel. The north lagoon was active with wading birds like I had never seen before at this location. There was a feeding frenzy underway the likes of which […]

Dec 112014
Video: Pelican Dreams

What’s it like to try to get to know a flying dinosaur? Filmmaker Judy Irving (“The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”) follows a wayward California brown pelican from her “arrest” on the Golden Gate Bridge into care at a wildlife rehabilitation facility, and from there explores pelicans’ nesting grounds, Pacific coast migration, and survival challenges. […]

Sep 122014
The 1,300 Bird Species Facing Extinction Signal Threats to Human Health

Birds are the planet’s superheroes, built for survival. The ice of Antarctica doesn’t faze them. Nor does the heat of the tropics. They thrive in the desert, in swamps, on the open ocean, on sheer rock faces, on treeless tundra, atop airless mountaintops, and burrowed into barren soil. Some fly nonstop for days on end. […]

Dec 242013
My Favorite Bird Photos of 2013

At the end of each year I like to go back and look at the bird photographs I have taken and choose the ones I like the best for a “favorite bird photo” post. I try to pick at least one photograph from each month however some months were photographically prolific, others not so much. […]

Dec 132013
White Pelicans in Placida, Florida.  The "Snowbirds" return.

The term “snowbird” is used a lot here in SW Florida, mostly meaning part time residents who spend the summer months “up north” and migrate back to the Sunshine State in the fall. Birds also migrate to warmer climes for the winter. Here is one of our favorites, the American White Pelican (Pelicanus erythrorynchos). Wealways […]

Oct 082013
Common Raven in the Fog

After releasing a pair of juvenile Brown Pelicans at Fort Baker that had been rehabilitated by International Bird Rescue, I decided to head up to Hawk Hill in the Golden Gate National Park to partake in the annual Hawk Watch. but luckily for me… Unfortunately, Hawk Hill was fogged in… there was a lone Common […]

Jan 212013
Jetty Park, 1/12/2013

Yesterday morning I went out to Jetty Park near Port Canaveral. I went there to see gulls. I wanted to see black-backed gulls, but I was also hoping to get better at identifying immature gulls. I’m getting pretty good at identifying adult gulls, but immatures still give me some trouble at times. I didn’t realize […]