Apr 162018
POLL: Should the keeping of dolphins and whales in tanks be banned worldwide?

It’s been nearly 9 years since The Cove brought the story of dolphin massacres in Taiji, Japan, and the issue of captive cetaceans before the eyes of millions of people around the world. The film shows viewers the images of fishers corralling dozens of thrashing and squealing dolphins into nets set up in Japan’s sheltered […]

Dec 202017
POLL: Should Japan be sanctioned for slaughtering dolphins and whales?

Taiji is still in darkness when a dozen men gather at the quayside and warm themselves over a brazier. While the rest of the town sleeps, they sip from cans of hot coffee, smoke cigarettes and talk in hushed tones. As soon as the sun edges above the peninsula, they take to their boats, steering […]

Jun 122015
Will Japanese Ban on Taiji Dolphins Stop Notorious Hunts?

Several Japanese zoos and aquariums voted last week to stop buying and selling dolphins taken during the notorious Taiji roundup, made infamous in the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove. Yet animal advocates are dubious that it will stop the slaughter. The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums has banned the buying and selling of dolphins from […]

May 302015
Japanese aquariums vote to stop buying Taiji dolphins

Aquariums in Japan have voted to stop buying live dolphins from the town of Taiji, where the annual slaughter of hundreds of cetaceans has drawn widespread condemnation, after being threatened with expulsion from the world’s leading zoo organisation. The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Jaza) voted to stay part of the World Association of […]

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