Nov 042017
‘Decimated’: Germany’s birds disappear as insect abundance plummets 76%

A new study in PLOS ONE reveals a 76 percent reduction in Germany’s flying insect biomass over the past 27 years while another reports the country’s bird abundance has declined 15 percent in just over a decade. While the causes behind the insect decline haven’t yet been conclusively studied, the PLOS ONE study suggests agricultural […]

Jan 202017
Bird species vanish from UK due to climate change and habitat loss

Climate change has already led to the vanishing of some bird species in parts of England, where intensively farmed land gives them no room to adapt to warming temperatures. The revelation, in a new scientific study, contradicts previous suggestions that birds are tracking global warming by shifting their ranges. The research found that birds that […]

Aug 182015
Marl Pennant

When it comes to dragonlfies, perhaps the Marl Pennant seems rather plain. However, I think there’s a simple beauty to them that makes it so I very much enjoy finding and photographing them. However, I think the females, being a bit lighter in color, are a little more fun.            

Apr 152014
UK dragonfly numbers may be down after wet winter, conservationists warn

The iridescent dragonflies that flit alongside the UK’s waterways could become a rarer sight in coming years after this winter’s deluge, the Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT) have warned. The mosquitoes and midges that dragonflies prey upon may increase as a result, boosted by the pools and puddles left by southern Britain’s wettest winter for […]

Oct 022013
Macro in kou

Vanmorgen samen met Hans Drijer de kou en nattigheid getrotseerd van de EngbertsDijksvenen. We zouden een ochtendje macro werk gaan doen. Dus driftig op zoek naar onderwerpen. Gelukkig waren die nog wel voor handen. We waren gelukkig ook zodanig vroeg dat we de zonsopkomst mee gemaakt hebben. En deze twee gecombineerd leverde m.i. fraaie beelden […]

Sep 132013
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is only 25 miles from New York City in Vernon, New Jersey. It’s a great place for a day of strolling and wildlife spotting.There are duck blinds,roads and trails, wildflower fields, and boardwalks over marshes. Wood ducks and eastern bluebirds are some of the wildlife rock stars that breed in […]

Aug 172013
Ebony Jewelwing

The Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) is doubtless the most easily identified damselfly in the Eastern U.S.. It’s large size (1 3/4 inches) and distinctive black wings make it easy to spot and observe. The abdomen of the male is a brilliant metallic green, but often (as in these photos) appears blue. Females are duller and […]

Jul 282013
Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait

Summer in Kuwait is searing hot and is traditionally a quiet birding month, however in late Spring we do have some species breeding at the Pools and mid-summer we have many Tern species breeding on the off-shore islands. Little Ringed Plovers (Charadrius dubius) have remained through the Spring and Summer and are suspected to be […]

Jul 132013
Rarities and Early Migrants at Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait

Jahra Pools Reserve (JPR) is a small fenced wetland reserve just off the Arabian Gulf coastline to the north of Kuwait City. Previously the pools were formed from a sewage outfall, but more recently a water network has been provided and this has allowed the pools to remain filled since the end of 2012. As […]

Dec 042012
The Violet Dropwing - Trithemis annulata

Le Trithémis pourpré Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I am really happy to join the Focusing On Wildlife team! Thanks for your invitation, Ken! When I’ll publish, I will write both in French and in English for better comprehension by everyone. So, as a the first subject, Ken suggested this beautiful […]