Florida Friends

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Apr 282015
Florida Friends

Due to thunderstorms in the Denver area, I’m in an airport restaurant waiting out a three-hour delay and reflecting on my Florida Birds workshop that finished up this morning. Even though I’m stuck in the airport waiting on my connecting flight, it is refreshing to be back in the thin air of the mile-high city […]

Mar 172014
First Sign Of Spring

Spring has begun to reveal itself here in Nebraska. However, it can be hard to see and appreciate because snow still covers the ground. Temperatures fall well below freezing each night, sometimes to single digits. The yard has no green, just matted brown turf. Farmer’s fields are weeks away from being tilled and planted. However, […]

Nov 122013
Become a Better Photographer in 3 (not so) Easy Steps

Occasionally, an aspiring (or frustrated) photographer will ask for my advice about which new camera body or lens to buy. My first response is with a question: “Why do you want to buy a new lens (or body, or flash, or tripod, etc.)?”Most of the time the answer is some form of “I want to […]

Jun 082013
Navajo Horse

I don’t pretend to understand the full extent of the importance of the horse to the Navajo culture. What I have learned, however, is that the horse has been an integral part of the Navajo culture for centuries. Even today, the Navajo horse is important and can be seen throughout Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. […]

May 092013
First Prize – Outdoor Photographer Photo Contest

I am pleased to report that my photo BLAST OFF! was awarded First Prize in the Outdoor Photographer Magazine’s 4th annual Great Outdoors photo contest. The image captured a sunrise blast off of a huge flock of snow geese at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. Technical details: Tripod mounted Canon 7D with Canon EF […]

Apr 292013
Once In a Lifetime Shot?

Shooting wildlife is a thrilling endeavor. It’s hard work, can involve travel to remote locations, and sometimes requires braving the elements. And yet, even on a bad day, it is thrilling. The ultimate thrill is when everything comes together to procude a high quality artistic image of the creature engaged its natural behavior in its […]

Apr 262013
Greater Prairie Chicken – Nebraska Spring Ritual

It’s April 15th. Not only is it tax day but it is also my first opportunity to shoot greater prairie chickens. It’s spring in Nebraska (I use that term loosely as at sunrise it was 27 degrees F with a 25 mph wind out of the north and very overcast). The main event is the […]

Mar 152013
Best Photo of the Week Ended 09 Mar 2013

We are delighted to announce the winners of our most recent “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. Frank Comisar wins First Prize for his outstanding photo “Great horned owl and owlets”. Ron McCombe wins Second Prize with “Golden Eagles on the move” and Raj Dhage wins Third Prize with “Reflection of a Kingfisher”. The voting […]