Jan 012014

Suffering from cabin fever, I decided to head out this morning and see what I could see. It was overcast and cold. About 30 minutes after sunrise I stumbled upon this good looking coyote hunting for his Christmas breakfast. Fresh meat is a rare find this time of year and I must not have looked too threatening.Surprisingly, he did not run when he saw me.

Coyotes’ hunting techniques vary depending on theirprey. When hunting small animals such asmice, they use their sense of smell to track the prey, even beneath the snow. When located, the coyotes stiffen and pounce in a cat-like manner. Iwatched him track what turned out to be a small rodent. He cocked his head several times and it was clear he was drawing a bead on the critter. I could tell he was about to pounce so I tried to anticipate his trajectory to keep him in the frame. I got off five shots during his jump but got only two keepers.

This whole sequence took only about two minutes. Once he grabbed the mouse, it wasn’t long before he swallowed him whole and disappeared over the ridge. All in all, well worth getting up and out early.

All images were made with the Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon EF600mm f/4.0L 1/1250s f/4.5 iso 1600.

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Frank Comisar

Frank Comisar

Frank Comisar is a nature photographer who loves to help others make beautiful photographs. His photography interests are varied and range from landscapes to wildlife. He shoots landscapes, wildlife, and nature for the purpose of capturing a moment in time that when revisited, portrays the natural beauty of the places visited and the creatures that live there. His goal is to not merely provide a visual and technical documentation of the scene in front of the lens. Rather, it is to render the scene in an artistic and creative way that not only provides context to the image, but also captures the feeling and essence of the moment.

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Sarah Mayhew

Great Pics!

Frank Comisar

Thanks Cat – I loved making them.

Frank Comisar

Thanks Joan, I appreciate your kind words.

Joan McMurray

Camera becomes an artistic tool in the hands of Fran Comisar!

Susan Lee

Thank you, Mr. Comisar, for a stunning series of gorgeous images. Possibly this is the most beautiful coyote I've ever seen!

Frank Comisar

Thanks Donald – that's the thing with wildlife photography. So much has to come together just right. A certain amount of good timing and luck is required.

Donald Ender Waite

Awesome sequence. Being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment at the right setting is everything. The moment came and you were ready. The best in the New Year.

Cat Vincent

LOVE this series of photos! Well done that man!

Frank Comisar

Thank you Wal Ling Liu – Happy New Year to you as well.

Frank Comisar

Thanks Don, I appreciate your kind words. Happy New Year to you as well.

Wai Ling  Liu

Happy New Year , Coyote thanks

Don Hamilton

Frank, a fabulous series… Congrats Happy new year!!

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