Sep 192015
Human activity 'driving half of world's crocodile species to extinction'

As many as half of the world’s 27 species of crocodilian face being wiped out due to human activity, although the most feared variety, the saltwater crocodile, faces a brighter future, according to a new book by a veteran crocodile researcher. Land use changes, pollution, culling and feral animal invasions mean that many crocodile species […]

Sep 182013
Scientists discover that even crocodiles have a fetish for fruit

It is hard to reconcile visions of a sharp-toothed, scaly, and ferocious crocodile with anything other than a completely carnivorous diet. We have been bombarded with gory kill scenes in which crocodiles take down everything from impala to buffalo, but new evidence suggests we need to rethink crocodilians altogether. When Steven Platt, a herpetologist for […]

Feb 082013
Northern Territory Road trip (Part VI – Arnhem Hwy and Mary River )

Driving along ArnhemHighway that connects Kakadu to Darwin is a great way to see more of Northern Territory’s wildlife, particularly at night. And there are plenty of eco lodges along the way that offer various wildlife watching opportunities. Kakadu – Mary River Fresh water crocodile Mary River is a great place to see Fresh water […]

Jan 032013
Kakadu - the land of crocodiles

Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Top End has been justly called The Land of the Crocodile. Just about any body of water in the park may very well be hiding one of the world’s most formidable predators underneath its deceptively calm surface. Two species crocodile occur in Kakadu: the Freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstonii) and the […]