Great Crested Flycatcher – Focusing on Wildlife
Sep 062017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. IV

Young birds became a rewarding event at Casa Almeida in Killingworth, Connecticut, in the 2017 summer season.   On the eve of the parade to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the naming of the town of Killingworth, CT, flags drape the utility poles around the center of town. Many are at half-mast at municipal buildings […]

Aug 092017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. III

The transition from one season to the next at the Bird Sanctuary in Killingworth, Connecticut, might be as evident due to changes in the weather as to changes in wildlife seen and its behavior. The calls of peepers are a distant memory as a very infrequent croaking of a frog is heard in the early […]

Aug 102016
Birding at the Bog with Pip and Lisa

This weekend I headed to the Sax-Zim Bog with my little dog Pip and my good friend Lisa. We’re in the silent part of summer now, when parent birds are busy chasing their little ones around more than singing, but we got to hear a surprising number of birds on Nichols Lake Road when we […]

Mar 272014
Eastern Phoebe at Central Winds Park

I saw my first Great Crested Flycatcher of the year this year; that’s usually a good sign that Eastern Phoebes are going to start packing up to leave. I suspect by the end of March, they’ll all be gone. So a few days ago I photographed an Eastern Phoebe at Central Winds Park. I’m going […]

May 312013
Great Crested Flycatcher at Lower Wekiwa River Preserve

This morning I drove out to the Lower Wekiwa River Preserve in northeast Seminole County. I was hoping to find a Bachman’s Sparrow here. After walking about 2 miles or so, I found two, and it looked like they were paired. Unfortunately, they didn’t stay out in the open long enough for photos, but it […]