Feb 232015
Is It Spring Yet?

I realize the east coast of the US is reeling from the latest of many severe winter storms this winter. But here in SW Colorado spring is in the air. It has been unseasonably warm with snow pack far below normal. The ski resorts are hurting and exceptionally dry conditions may cause issues later this […]

Mar 172014
First Sign Of Spring

Spring has begun to reveal itself here in Nebraska. However, it can be hard to see and appreciate because snow still covers the ground. Temperatures fall well below freezing each night, sometimes to single digits. The yard has no green, just matted brown turf. Farmer’s fields are weeks away from being tilled and planted. However, […]

Apr 262013
Greater Prairie Chicken – Nebraska Spring Ritual

It’s April 15th. Not only is it tax day but it is also my first opportunity to shoot greater prairie chickens. It’s spring in Nebraska (I use that term loosely as at sunrise it was 27 degrees F with a 25 mph wind out of the north and very overcast). The main event is the […]