Apr 212017
POLL: Should Canada ban the hunting of seals?

Not long after European settlers established a commercial seal industry in Canada in the early 1500s, business was booming. Back in the day, seal oil was sold in the Old World for use as a machine lubricant. And later, demand for newly in-vogue fur meant that hundreds of thousands of harp seals were killed each […]

Nov 172016
Finding Waxwings in Norfolk

This week has seen a mini influx of Waxwings in Norfolk so with a rare day off work I picked up the Jims and headed north. We arrived at the Coastguards hut Cley for first light and I quickly picked out a single Little Auk flying West close into the shore line and managed to […]

Dec 032014
 Grey seals identified as killers behind mystery harbour porpoise deaths

Seals have been identified as the killers behind the mystery of dead porpoises found with distinct mutilations on Dutch beaches over the past decade. The cause of large numbers of harbour porpoises washing up on the Netherlands coast was previously unknown and contested, but an eight year-long study concludes that grey seals have “learned a […]

Oct 192013
Is European wildlife making a comeback? Recent success stories with top images

Beaver, bison and eagles are among the species that have made a successful comeback in Europe in the past 50 years, according to a major survey published by a coalition of conservation groups on Thursday. The report selected 37 species that have showed signs of recovery, studied changes in their numbers and range since 1960, […]

Aug 202013
More than 700 seals counted in Thames Estuary

More than 700 seals have been spotted in the Thames Estuary in the first ever count carried out by air, land and water. Conservationists and volunteers recorded 708 grey and harbour seals along the Thames in a survey stretching up the estuary to Tilbury, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) said. The survey involved recording […]

Jul 142013
Sea-Kayaking with Wildlife around the Fastnet Rock

Conditions were ideal for sea-kayaking and wildlife photography on the west coast of Ireland early this morning – flat sea, not a breath of wind and sun burning off the early morning mist. Departing at 06:00 am from Schull Harbour in West Cork, Joff, Hugh and Nick kayaked 7 miles to the Fastnet Rock. Following […]

Dec 162012
Grey Seals, Helichoerus grypus, Longstone Island, Farne Islands, Northumberland

I took a short trip the the Farne Islands, which is a small group of  islands off the Northumberland Coast. The boat runs from the small harbour of Seahouses and is run by Serenity Boats www.farneislandstours.co.uk The trip runs out to Longstone Island and takes four hours with two hours on the island to photograph […]