May 222018
Lakenheath Haven for the Reed Bunting

At Lakenheath today we had three flight views of the Bitterns along with several views of the constantly calling Cuckoo. No Cranes today but we did find a smart drake Garganey on the scrape. A single Hobby was seen flying in and then sitting in a tree to give good scope views and the reserve […]

May 102018
Barn Swallow at Minsmere

I visited Minsmere today stopping at Alton Waters where the Red-rumped Swallow had disappeared before I arrived but I bagged a single Arctic Tern for a consolation prize. At Minsmere I tried first for the Savi’s but after an hour gave in and walked the reserve finding a single LRP before dipping the Garganey in […]

Jun 142017
Mongolia - 11th May (Day 4) - Travel from Ullanbataar to Dalanzadgad

Today was mainly a driving day 570km south from Ulaanbaatar to Dalanzadgad passing through the Gobi Desert with a few stops, mainly at lakes, en-route. The landscape was vast, stark and barren, mainly flat with a few rocky outcrops and dominated by gravel plains with sparse grass. The common birds here were Horned Lark, Asian […]

Jun 062017
Suffolk Warblers

We parked up at Lakenheath this morning at 6am and took the long walk out to Joist Fen. On arrival there was another guy listening and looking for DB’S Marsh Warbler which we heard as we approached and saw straight away sitting up belting out it’s full repertoire which seemed to include a little Nightingale […]

May 252017
Day trip to Titchwell

We set off early this morning arriving at Choseley Barns at 7.30am where I scoped the Dotterel in the rain without too much help from the Jims who already had the tick from a recent twitch in Herts. Once I found the birds their mood changed and they jumped out to enjoy distant views along […]

May 072017
Halcón plomizo (Aplomado falcon) Falco femoralis

De la última oportunidad que visitamos el Portal Cambyretá del Parque Nacional Iberá me volví a Posadas con estas lindas fotografías de dos de estos bonitos halcones que recibían los primeros rayos del sol perchando en los postes del costado del camino. Cambyretá es uno de los lugares que mas me gustan para fotografiar aves […]

Jul 172016
A richer life

One of the things that makes birding a truly special pastime/passion/hobby/lifestyle is the fact that it enriches everyday life. A walk in the woods or even in a city become so much richer when you are aware of the birds around you and know something about the life stories. A walk yesterday through forest and […]

Jun 112016
It's a Great Hobby

Pun fully intended! A drive down to Dunge this morning at stupid o’clock gave Jim and I the chance to dip the “red male” Rosefinch reported yesterday but as the handful of readers of this blog will know, Dunge always delivers! A splendid Hobby sat up on a shed at the road side and allowed […]

Jun 092016
Falco Subbuteo

A fewmore images from my recent brief but special encounter with a Hobby down at Dunge. A remarkable encounter with the bird sitting on a shed whilst we pulled up along side in the car enjoying it for a few moments. The Hobby summers in the UK with c2800 breeding pairs. It is an amazing […]

Hobby Falco subbuteo

Hobby Falco subbuteo

The Eurasian Hobby (Falco subbuteo), or just simply Hobby, is a small slim falcon. It belongs to a rather close-knit group of similar falcons often considered a subgenus Hypotriorchis. This species breeds across Europe and Asia. It is a long-distance migrant, wintering in Africa. Factsheet: Eurasian Hobby Falco subbuteo (LC)  

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