Just Kingfishers in Suffolk

Whilst visiting a local nature reserve in Norfolk  we met another visitor who recommended a visit to Lackford Lakes. This is a  reserve run by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust  that has a good record of Kingfisher sightings. It is just across the border in Suffolk so not too far from our home.  With the prospect of clear […]

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Black-crowned-Night-Heron-juvenile-portrait by Alex Vargas

Laem Pak Bia, another Bird-Photo Hotspot in Thailand! (1of 3)

Several hotspots in the Laem Pak Bia area, are worth to mention, as these produce great birding and bird-photos all year around At less than 2 hours driving from Bangkok, in Petchburi Province, Laem Pak Bia it’s a fishing town that offers some rich and unique birding opportunities with many waders, gulls and more in […]

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