Scarce swallowtail

Comparison between Iphiclides podalirius VS Iphiclides p. feisthamelii  What a pleasure to go after dragonflies and find this gorgeous specimen on my doorstep in the lavander!    Un Flambé magnifique, un des plus beaux papillons d’Europe, dans la lavande du jardin. Ces plants isolés m’ont offert un bokeh assez uni mais je n’ai pu me concentrer […]

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Pangbourne sprays to kill oak processionary caterpillar ‘dangerous’

Wildlife in a Berkshire woodland was endangered by a “sledgehammer-to-crack-a-nut” approach to killing a toxic caterpillar, experts have said. Birds, bats and rare insects were affected by Forestry Commission aerial sprays to kill a moth larvae, Butterfly Conservation and Buglife claimed. It was unclear if oak processionary caterpillar larvae were even present in the Pangbourne […]

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