Lesser Yellowlegs – Focusing on Wildlife
Oct 032017
Baird's Sandpiper at Orlando Wetlands Park, 9/25/2017

Two days ago, one of my friends found a Baird’s Sandpiper at Orlando Wetlands Park, and several of us saw it yesterday (and it’s still being seen today). I drove out to it during my lunch break and came back to the office all excited. Of course, my friends at work thought I was nerding […]

Aug 102017
Wood Duck and Hooded Merganser Babies

As usual, the short Canadian summer feels like it’s moving at light speed. Is it already August? July was all about trying to balance regular summer activities (like paddling, camping and socializing with friends) with birding. Birding is fairly slow in July anyway, so it was nice to shift my focus for a while. Saying […]

May 032017
Brrrrrrrr! But a Lesser Yellowlegs

What a frigid morning! But if we were cold, the birds seemed even colder. We had something of a fall-out at Park Point—I’m sure our numbers for most of the songbirds are way lower than the actual numbers. We had a couple of Lesser Yellowlegs (the most we saw as a group was one, but […]

Sep 032016
Migrating Upland Sandpiper At EAA

A second late summer visit to the Everglades Agricultural Area was rewarding for a handful of species photographed this week. An early departure from Fort Myers with Bird Patrol volunteer Tom Obrock allowed a near sunrise arrival at the sod fields on Hatton Road just south of FL SR 80 that had been noted to […]

Aug 092016
Alaska - 13th June (Day 17)

It was our final mornings birding in Barrow and indeed in Alaska as this was the final day of the trip. We decided to head out to the point to get some final views of Polar Bear. As we drove along the coast road the male Snowy Owl from yesterday was perched close to the […]

Aug 242013
BioLab Road on Merritt Island

I found all the normal wading birds and shorebirds on Bio Lab Rd today. Wading bird highlights were the normal herons and egrets, both ibises, and Roseate Spoonbills. We also had a fair share of Stilt Sandpipers, both Dowitchers, both Yellowlegs, Semipalmated Plovers, and Least, Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers. I also found a small flock […]

Apr 082013
Merritt Island NWR, 3/30/2013

This morning I spent the morning at Merrit Island NWR. I first went to Blackpoint Wildlife Drive, and that was pretty fun. The biggest highlights were seeing several American Avocets in breeding plumage and my first Eastern Kingbird of the year. The Eastern Kingbird was right near the restrooms, where I seem to find them […]

Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes

Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes

The Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) is a medium-sized shorebird similar in appearance to the larger Greater Yellowlegs. Their breeding habitat is clearings near ponds in the boreal forest region from Alaska to Quebec. They migrate to the Gulf coast of the United States and south to South America. This species is a regular vagrant to […]

Oct 112012
Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) at Barbate Marismas

This vagrant North American wader species was found by Liz Snell of Tregaron, Wales, Later seen by Steve Manning and myself.The Lesser Yellowlegs has roosted again at this same location on the 1st of October. Above is a general map of which part of the Marismas de Barbate it can be found. Take the La […]