Oct 212012
Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis: Part Three ~ Emergence

This is the crowning moment of the Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis. Seeing the butterfly pushing open its sheer chrysalis casing door and flipping out into the world whole and perfect is a joyous observation and one that causes one to pause and ponder at the marvels of our natural world. While we pause, the Monarch butterfly’sover […]

Oct 062012
Best Photo of the Week Competition 06 Oct 2012

During the last week our authors and photographers have posted some outstanding articles packed with top-ranking wildlife images. Our competition is called “Best Photo of the Week”. Click on the first image and then page through the slideshow. Please select the three images you like best of all and vote for them at the bottom […]

Oct 012012
Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis: Part One ~ Changing Casings

The Monarch Butterfly’s metamorphosis is a journey through clear casings beginning with an egg. A tiny caterpillar carves a hole in a clear intricately etched dome capsule and exits while entering the hairy leafy landscape of its host plant Milkweed. The teeny caterpillar then makes a meal of the nutritious casing and begins chewing its […]

Aug 082012
Glimpses of a Metamorphosis ~ Raising Monarch Butterflies ~ A Sneak Peek

July’s ending finds all of my Monarch chrysalis casings empty. The joy of raising and releasing Monarch Butterflies is not finished for this year, however, for the process begins anew . . . with more eggs and small caterpillars to care for. It has been a fabulous Monarch butterfly season here at Flower Hill Farm. […]

Mar 142012
Monarch Butterflies Magical Metamorphosis Begins Anew

Monarch butterflies are leaving Mexico, flying north, reversing their migration from last fall. Bright orange, mosaic clouds are moving towards Texas with females drifting down to lay eggs along milkweed corridors . . . thus fulfilling their destiny. They along with the males will have lived around eight months, which is a pretty long life […]