May 152018
5 of the Rarest Birds & Where to Find Them

Some of the most magnificent finds in nature are seldom seen, and birds are no exception. There may be more than 10,000 species of our fine feathered friends, but sadly, the number is dwindling. In fact, nearly 1500 bird species are facing extinction. For nature lovers, spotting a rare bird is a joyous experience, and […]

Jan 042018
Andaman Islands and Western Ghats

30th November – Today we had a lie-in and were up at 05:45, packed our bags and headed to Port Blair Airport for our flight to Chenai landing at 10:45. We then had a 2.5 hour stop-over in Chennai before our 13:30 flight to Coimbatore. We landed in Coimbatore, tamil Nadu at 14:45 gathered our […]

Dec 192017
Serengeti’s spring rhythms

This is the last post from my Serengeti trip in September with CNP Safaris travelling around the western corridor in their wonderful specialised photographic vehicle. The Grumeti Tented Camp was absolutely superb and the staff were friendly, attentive and the best. Rather than give you too many words, I thought I would rather show you […]

Apr 262017
More than a quarter of UK birds face extinction risk

More than a quarter of UK birds, including the puffin, nightingale and curlew, require urgent conservation efforts to ensure their survival, according to a new report on the state of the UK’s birds. Since the last review in 2009, an additional 15 species of bird have been placed on the “red list”, a category that […]

Jan 012017
2016 The Year That Was I

2016 was a good year. Lists are not something I concentrate on but they do give a good idea of how the year has been. My Norwegian year list of 244 (246 2015, 244 2014, 254 2013, 258 2012) was not that outstanding but I did not visit Finnmark or Rogaland during the year which […]

Jun 182016
Atajacaminos tijera (Scissor-tailed Nightjar) Hydropsalis torquata

Estas fotografías no tienen ni punto de comparación con aquel fugaz registro que tuvimos con un Atajacaminos tijera macho en las cercanías de Fachinal en el que apenas tuvimos una sola posibilidad de lograr una sola foto y bastante lejos porque ni nos dió la menor chance de acortar distancias. Durante la noche del 22 […]

Feb 222016
Scientists see like predators to prove camouflage works

In a groundbreaking study conducted in southern Zambia, researchers combined advanced technology, local knowledge of area fauna, and prior research on the visual systems of predators, to finally see as a predator sees. In a first of its kind approach, the team from the Universities of Exeter, Cambridge, and Cape Town was able to collect […]

Aug 202014
13 newly-discovered birds declared extinct

In a recent update of the IUCN Red List, scientists have identified 13 new bird species that have gone extinct since 1500. In total the list now finds that at least 140 bird species gone extinct in the past five hundred years, representing 1.3 percent of the world’s total known birds. The new extinct birds […]

Aug 032014
87 new bird species considered threatened with extinction

Scientists have added 361 new bird species to the IUCN Red List following a major taxonomic review of non-passerine birds, i.e. non-perching or non-songbirds. Worryingly, 87 of these new birds are threatened with extinction, a percentage nearly double the overall threatened percentage for all birds, which currently sits at 13 percent. Many of these new […]

Apr 272014
Malta - Massacre on Migration (Episode 7)

Chris Packham takes a trip to the island of Camino, Malta to see the conservation work done by the BirdLife Malta Ringing Station. Birds just ringed and ready for release include Golden Oriole, Hoopoe and Nightjar. Chris sadly recalls that during the week his hands have been covered in the blood of illegally shot birds […]

Oct 042013
A Pile of Leaves – Red-necked Nightjar (Caprimulgus ruficollis)

It’s been another busy season with September tours to Austria-Hungary, and two back-to-back tours here on The Strait of Gibraltar with the autumn migration. I’ll be posting some of the migration photos later when I get more time but right now (up early again…) I thought I’d show some very recent photos of a really […]

Sep 032013
Early Autumn Migration in Kuwait

Early August is the anticipated start of the annual Autumn migration when birds have completed their breeding season in Europe and both adult and juvenile birds start moving south to various parts of Africa for the second part of their endless summer. Kuwait is fortunate to be situated on two of the key migration flyways; […]

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