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Sep 062017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. IV

Young birds became a rewarding event at Casa Almeida in Killingworth, Connecticut, in the 2017 summer season.   On the eve of the parade to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the naming of the town of Killingworth, CT, flags drape the utility poles around the center of town. Many are at half-mast at municipal buildings […]

Aug 092017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. III

The transition from one season to the next at the Bird Sanctuary in Killingworth, Connecticut, might be as evident due to changes in the weather as to changes in wildlife seen and its behavior. The calls of peepers are a distant memory as a very infrequent croaking of a frog is heard in the early […]

Jul 042017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. II

It was fairly quickly learned that the feeders used to attract wildlife didn’t entice just the birds. In mid-winter as the squirrels appeared to become more numerous, they became destructive and a disturbance to the winged creatures. Eastern Bluebirds briefly investigated a pair of bird houses that had been hung for them but the squirrels […]

Sep 022016
Cardinals Doing Fine

Northern cardinals nest in the garden behind my condo every year; it’s a good spot for them with trees, water, and food. They stop by my porchoccasionally and I give them snacks of raisins and peanuts. For the past few days the female pictured above has been going out of her way to make sure […]

Dec 152014
Spring Birds in Winter

Robins eat worms and insects and fresh fruits and berries when they can get them. We typically see robins stalking worms in short grass all through summer. When winter comes and the insects and worms hole up, robins change to a diet primarily of dried fruit. Some robins migrate to warmer places, but some just […]

Jun 072014
Bird Song Hero: The song learning game for everyone

Train your brain to recognize and remember bird songs with the Bird Song Hero matching game. In this five-question video quiz you’ll listen closely to featured songs and match each with the correct sound visualization. Bird Song Hero is a fun way to practice the key skills you need to ID all the bird songs […]

Feb 032014
Polar Vortex Winter Birds

It was a cold week in New York. As I sat writing at my desk by the window I saw the neighborhood birds in another light. One of the ways birds keep warm is by fluffing up their insulating feathers; they looked like puffballs all week. They have other ways to keep warm. Their feet […]

Jan 192014
Cold Snap Will Be a Killer for Birds, Group Warns

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), one of the nation’s leading bird conservation groups, is reminding people that we’re not the only ones suffering in the cold gripping much of the nation. This weather can be deadly to birds, some of which are being driven farther south than normal in search of open water and sources of […]

Aug 042013
Una nueva visita de esta belleza a mi casa

El Domingo 14 de Julio mientras en casa se preparaba el almuerzo tuve la agradable visita de este pájaro hermoso en mi casa, al igual que la vez anterior fueron dos los Cardenales que se posaron en el paraíso del vecino; un verdadero deleite para los ojos poder disfrutar unos instantes del esplendor de esta […]

Dec 302012
Un momento inolvidable con el Cardenal común

Estando con Willy sentado a la sombra en la estancia Ñu Porá esperando que se sirva el almuerzo pudimos disfrutar de este momento espectacular frente nuestro a escasos metros de distancia; Dos cardenales (Padre e hijo) se acercaron a comer las sobras que dejaron los patos y las gallinas. El pichón ya estaba bastante crecidito […]

Dec 262012
Northern Mockingbird on Canal Street

My search for Henslow’s, Le Conte’s and White-crowned Sparrows have so far come up empty. I’m still hopeful, though. This morning I returned to Canal St., where I’d found Savannah, Vesper, and Grasshopper Sparrows earlier this month. The morning started out very cloudy, and the birds seemed content to stay hidden and quiet, but the […]