Dec 302015
Rare Philippine eagle chick born in captivity; boosts hope for the species

On December 7, a tiny Philippine eagle hatchling was born at the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s (PEF) conservation center in thePhilippines. This is the twenty sixth eaglet born at the center in 23 years, and the first offspring of a female named Go Phoenix and a male named MVP Eagle. “This hatching is a big breakthrough […]

Apr 042015
Extreme birdwatching: Twitching in war zones

Paul Rendell didn’t think he was in trouble. High up in the mountains, in a remote, lushly-forested corner of the Philippines, the pensioner from Dorset had envisaged a peaceful day amid spectacular scenery. Then the bullets started whistling around him. “We all dived to the ground,” Mr Rendell said. “Our guide Carlitos was shot immediately […]

Nov 042013
Hunting in the Philippines: Okay for the Rich and Powerful, Illegal for the Poor and Lowly?

What does government and society do when hunters are caught and/or documented in pictures of their own with their day’s catch – dead Philippine wild ducks which are classified as vulnerable? Of course, they are prosecuted for violation of the law, fined and jailed, just like Bryan Balaon, a 26-year-old farmer in Bukidnon, who has […]

Oct 152012
Flowerpeckers from the Philippines

The Philippines is home to a number of flowerpeckers, small, stout passerine birds, with short thick decurved bills designed for eating small fruits as well as to sip nectar from flowers. They are really small and very active birds and is usually found in a mixed feeding flock together with other birds such as sunbirds, […]