Feb 142018
A New Twist…

An African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) makes a heavy inflight correction in order to successfully snatch a fish from the Kafue River. Kafue River, Kafue National Park, Zambia – with Journeys Unforgettable Photographic Safaris and Lufupa River Camp    

Apr 302013
Uncommon Beauty…

The only thing common about these dolphins is their name: the Common Dolphin (Delphinus capensis). They are an amazingly beautiful species and live in coastal waters in several parts of the globe. This individual was part of a mega-pod of about five hundred hunting in the waters of False Bay. Somewhere in False Bay, South […]

Feb 092013
Only Three Left in Our Care…

Of the nearly 170 distinct species of elephants (members of the proboscidean species) that once roamed the earth, only three: the Asian, the African Savannah, and the African Forest Elephant remain today. There are many ways to help efforts to conserve these species. One specific avenue is to support valuable research projects such as this: […]

Feb 032013
The Right Stuff…

The Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) has made a strong recovery since it’s initial protection from hunting in 1935. The population dropped sharply in the 1960s due to heavy illegal poaching (wiping out nearly half of its remaining numbers) but since that was stopped the population has exhibited a healthy upward trend. From an estimated […]

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