Feb 112017
Twice as many?

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus arrived in America, the people already living here were well aware of their land’s ornithological treasures. On October 12, 1492, Columbus wrote in his diary that the only wild animals he saw at all were parrots, but he had seen much more by October 21, when he wrote, The melody […]

Nov 092014
Florida's Ammodramus Sparrows

There are six Ammodramus sparrows that occur in Florida, and now I have presentable photos of all of them. This may be my favorite group of birds in the world. I know the Henslow’s Sparrow photo below is terrible, but I’m not complaining. I suspect I won’t get a better photo unless I see one […]

Sep 182013
Huntington Beach State Park, 9/9/2013

My daughter and I decided to drive seven hours up to Myrtle Beach to visit my parents who were renting a house there. We had a fun weekend. The last morning before we left, we had a couple hours to do some birding. So my father and I went over to the Huntington Beach State […]

Mar 182013
Pasco County, 3/10/2013

This morning I birded West Pasco County with my new friend David Gagne. We had a fantastic time. My biggest hope was to see a Seaside Sparrow, and we found at least one at Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park. We heard several Clapper Rails, a Virginia Rail and a Sora. We then went to the […]

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