Dec 072017
Asian Elephants Are Now Being Killed for Their Skin

The smell was ghastly and the sight even worse. Twenty-five elephants lay dead in a riverbed in the Ayeyawady (Irrawaddy) delta in southwestern Myanmar. “The stench is what led villagers to the bodies in the first place,” says Aung Myo Chit, the Smithsonian Institution’s Myanmar country coordinator, who also leads a local NGO, Growth for […]

Aug 182017
POLL: Should elephants be kept in captivity?

Water streams off the edges of her giant ears, runs in rivulets down the wrinkles of her slate-grey skin. She presses her whole head into the hose’s force, the spray welling into her mouth. As she drinks, she rubs her skin against the steel fence, her eyelids drooping luxuriously, her trunk relaxing. If ever I’ve […]

Jul 182017
POLL: Should Asia's elephant tourism be banned?

Businesses in Asia have often justified so-called elephant tourism by arguing that the industry benefits elephants and helps safeguard this endangered animal. But new research shows that elephant tourism is actually rife with cruelty. The survey, conducted by internationally recognized animal welfare group World Animal Protection, found that three out of every four elephants recorded […]

Jul 132017
POLL: Should the use of elephants for "entertainment" be banned?

Thousands of elephants being used for entertainment across Asia are kept in cruel, abusive conditions fuelled by the growing tourism industry, World Animal Protection has found. Three out of four elephants surveyed in south-east Asia’s popular tourist destinations are living in harsh conditions where they are being used for rides, with mostly steel or wooden […]

Jun 072017
Elephants Can’t Wait to Meet New Rescued Baby at Sanctuary

Rescuers are marveling over the heartwarming welcome a young orphaned elephant received after arriving at a sanctuary in Northern Thailand. According to the Elephant Nature Park, little Dok Geow became an orphan when he was just four-months-old and still dependent on his mother. Dok Geaw’s mother suffered from serious complications after giving birth that were […]

Apr 042017
Video: Rare Indochinese tigers caught on camera in Thai jungle

The critically endangered Indochinese tiger has been found to be breeding in a Thai jungle, providing hope for a subspecies whose total population may number only a couple of hundred. Conservation authorities in Thailand, along with two international wildlife organisations, released photographs of new tiger cubs in the country’s east. The images support a scientific […]

Aug 112016
POLL: Should Thailand's illegal bird trade be stopped?

Thousands of birds are being sold — often illegally — in Thailand’s markets, a new study has found. On a single weekend in March 2015, researchers from TRAFFIC, the wildlife trademonitoring network, found a total of 117 species of birds on sale at the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand. These included nine species listed […]

Dec 012013
Hand-reared spoon-billed sandpiper spotted after flying quarter-way round the world

A rare hand-reared spoon-billed sandpiper has been spotted for the first time in the wild, more than 8,000km from where it was released. 25 of the critically endangered birds have been raised over two years by a conservation team from WWT and Birds Russia on the Russian tundra, before being released to join their wild-born […]

Aug 242013
Thailand cracks down on illegal elephant ring

Thai police say they have seized more than a dozen elephants in raids after busting a gang that allegedly provided the animals’ owners with false identification papers. Fourteen unregistered or illegally registered elephants were taken in simultaneous raids on tourist destinations in the southern provinces of Phang Nga, Phuket and Krabi, said Major General Norasak […]

Aug 212013
Doi Inthanon

My trip to Thailand has been spent mostly with the family, which together with adverse rainy-season weather has left little time for photography. However I did get the family together for a quick day trip to Doi Inthanon, and the weather cooperated nicely. I had a quick look at Checkpoint 2, where a group of […]

Jun 122013
Thai police discover 14 albino lions in warehouse near Bangkok

Thai police have arrested a pet shop owner after discovering 14 albino lions smuggled from Africa and hundreds of other protected animals in a warehouse near Bangkok. Birds, meerkats, tortoises, capuchin monkeys and other exotic species were found on the premises, Colonel Ek Ekasart of the local police department said. Officers said Montri Boonprom-on, 41, […]

May 292013
Three new species of carnivorous snails discovered in endangered habitat in Thailand (photos)

Scientists from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and the Natural History Museum, London recently discovered three new species of carnivorous snails in northern Thailand. However, the celebration of these discoveries is tainted by the fact that the new snails are already threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their limestone habitat. The new snail species named […]

Apr 032013
After five years of success, CEPF commits $10 million more to Indo-Burma hotspot

Five years ago, in response to the environmental crisis engulfing mainland South-East Asia, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) launched a $10 million grants programme to conserve the critical ecosystems of the Indo-Burma Hotspot. The programme is guided by a strategy developed by hundreds of conservationists and researchers from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam, […]