Apr 292018
POLL: Should Thailand's Phuket Safari Eco+ Park be shut down?

During shows presented several times a day at Phuket Safari Eco+ Park in Thailand, visitors can watch a group of macaque monkeys dance and perform tricks like riding tricycles and lifting weights. It’s just as depressing as it sounds, according to online reviews. “There [were] monkeys chained up in cages going crazy, trying to bite […]

Mar 292018
California Man Killed Over 135 Birds in State’s Worst Raptor Poaching Case

Someone near the town of Standish in Northern California fortunately took the adage, “See something, say something,”to heart and called a poaching hotline when they saw Richard Parker shoot a hawk on his 80-acre property near the Nevada border. Parker hadn’t killed only the one hawk. As a game warden walked up to Parker’s front […]

Oct 272017
POLL: Should the Alaska Refuge be opened up for drilling?

When Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was established in the 1960s, the U.S. government had several goals in mind—chief among them protecting the region’s unique wildlife and wilderness. But the region has one extremely contentious asset that has sparked controversy for decades—nearly 10.3 billion barrels of petroleum under the ground. Now, Congress is proposing legislation […]

May 182017
Missing orphaned L.A. mountain lion cub found alive and well

When three mountain lion cubs were discovered with their mother, P-39, in the Los Angeles area last July, experts were concerned about the cubs’ chances for survival. Among the threats to mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains are death due to ingesting rat poison, health issues caused by inbreeding, and, most dangerously, the […]

Jun 212013
Featured video: Rare Syrian Brown Bear caught on camera

New camera-trap footage from the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Armenia, has captured rare footage of a Syrian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos syriacus), a subspecies of Brown Bear native to Eurasia. This is an important recording as there may be just one or two bears in this reserve and are listed as vulnerable in Armenia. The […]

Jun 152013
Featured video: gorgeous golden takin caught on camera trap

The Takin (Budorcas taxicolor) is a goat-antelope species that lives in the Himalayan Mountains. Takins are social bovines and are often spotted traveling in packs of 15 or more. Packs tend to be composed of female takins as the male takin is largely solitary outside of the summer rutting season. The takin is listed as […]

May 212013
Featured video: saving sea turtles in Mexico's Magdalena Bay

A new short film, Viva la tortuga documents the struggle to save loggerhead and green sea turtles in Magdalena Bay, Mexico. Once a region for a massive sea turtle meat market, the turtles now face a new threat: bycatch. Loggerhead sea turtles are drowning in bottom-set gillnets, unable to escape from the nets once entangled. […]

May 172013
Featured video: If I were a panda...

A new powerful video by the conservation program, APES, highlights the threat faced by many species: not being cute enough. The creative short video was produced pro bono by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago. “The mission of APES is to raise awareness around all endangered animals, versus putting the emphasis on just one particular species,” said […]

Apr 142013
Madagascar's Ranomafana National Park (with videoclip)

Long ago, the ancestors named Madagascar “Nosy Maitso” or Green Island, because it had so many green trees. Now the trees are almost all gone, and the red soil runs into the rivers. This film aims to protect what is left (Daniel Roper-Jones) The Nosy Maitso Project is an environmental education program that seeks to […]

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