Aug 312017
The Levante winds of Spring - Spain 2017

I lead a tour group from the the US Audubon Naturalist Society in April to southern Spain. We had a great time apart from the awful windy weather. The famous Levante wind just would not stop for almost the whole eight days. We did however have a great time, saw lots of birds and other […]

Apr 042016
Israel at last

I am so glad to be back in Israel. Came here with my family for a two-week visit. First day was devoted to friends and family but I was so happy to see all the birds around. Just casual stuff but lots of things – Long-eared and Scops Owls, Great Spotted Cuckoos, Pallid Harrier, Lesser […]

Oct 052013
Recent Birding Tour of Northwestern Kyushu

Between September 16 and 19 I led a couple from Canada around birding spots in Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Saga, Fukuoka and Oita prefectures. Before the tour started, I took the ferry across to Kumamoto from Shimabara, spotting a large flock of Streaked Shearwater just out from Shimabara Port, and then Brown Booby as the ferry neared […]

Jun 022013
A few days in Sharjah, UAE

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to represent Kuwait at the 14th Conservation Workshop for the Biodiversity of Arabia. I am pleased to report that the bird team was able to achieve the workshop objective of assessing the regional Red List of all the breeding birds of Arabia. On the last day of the workshop, […]

Jan 122013
Isahaya Reclaimed Land Areas

This morning I spent a bit of time at Oe before stopping in at Chuo and Moriyama reclaimed land areas. Highlights included Japanese Weasel, Whiskered Tern, Northern Goshawk, White-naped Crane, and Hooded Crane. A Japanese Weasel surveys the reeds for prey as it is silhouetted by the early morning sunlight.

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