Sep 072017
POLL: Should Yellowstone's Iconic Grizzly Bears be Stripped of Federal Protection?

It was disappointing to say the least when it was announced earlier this summer that Yellowstone National Park’s iconic grizzly bears would be stripped of protection under the Endangered Species Act. But now, in an effort to get protection restored,multiple tribal and conservation organizations are taking the government to court. In the U.S., there was […]

Jul 102017
Watch Bear Cubs Hitch a Ride on Their Mom Across a Lake

Grizzly bears do not make cuddly pets, but you would be hardpressed to remember that while watching a large mama bear ferry her two furry cubs across a wide lake. Video shot by David Roseman, who works in Wood Tikchick State Park in southwestern Alaska part-time, shows a clear view of the bear using its […]

Jul 012017
POLL: Should Yellowstone Grizzlies be removed from the Endangered List?

To see how far we’ve come in restoring grizzly bear populations in and around Yellowstone National Park, consider: There are five times more grizzlies now than there were in 1975, when they were first protected under the Endangered Species Act. The area grizzlies roam has increased by half. And conflicts with bears attracted to landowners’ […]

May 302017
$10,000 reward offered to find killer of famous Yellowstone white wolf

For years, the wolf known as “White Lady” delighted visitors who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her when they visited Yellowstone National Park. At 12 years old, the alpha female of the Canyon Pack had lived twice as long as other wolves in the park. Within nine years, with the same alpha […]

Mar 132017
An elk's-eye view of migrating through Yellowstone

That elk migrate in and out of Yellowstone every year in vast herds is more than a triumph of movement. Every spring, tens of thousands of elk divided among nine different herds traverse perilously rocky terrain, swim across fast-moving rivers, and scale precipitous mountain slopes. They do what researchers refer to as “surfing the green […]

Jul 282016
How to survive a bear encounter

Peak camping season is upon us, and this July and August millions of Americans will be loading the minivan, heading into our national parks and forests, and inevitably meeting some bears. Fortunately, most of these encounters will be uneventful. In almost every case, the bear will turn its tail and run. Take Yellowstone national park […]

Mar 152016
Yellowstone's Grizzly Bears Should Not Be Hunted

Touted as one of the greatest wildlife comeback stories in history, the recovery of Yellowstone grizzly bears reached a milestone this week. In a much anticipated, though highly controversial, move, the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service announced its intent to remove long standing federal protections for the bruins that make their home primarily in and around […]

Feb 072016
POLL: Should bison be culled in Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone National Park’s annual culling of the last wild herd of bison, or buffalo, in the United States has been controversial since it began in 2000, and now it has prompted a First Amendment battle between National Park Service officials and reporters determined to document the grim spectacle. The U.S. National Park Service originally proposed […]

Dec 142015
POLL: Should grizzly bears be removed from the endangered species list?

State and federal wildlife officials are set to strip grizzly bears of their protection from hunting around Yellowstone national park, with a plan that would remove one of the species’ last populations from the endangered species list. A leaked letter from Dan Ashe, director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, to state officials notes […]

Aug 192015
POLL: When bears kill humans should they be slaughtered?

A mother grizzly bear and her two baby cubs may be put to death if a DNA test proves she was responsible for killing and eating a hiker in America’s Yellowstone National Park. The three bears are awaiting the results of a lab test but their case has already sparked cries of outrage from nature […]

Feb 212015
First gray wolf seen at Grand Canyon in 70 years killed by Utah hunter

A gray wolf killed last year by a Utah hunter was “Echo”, a female that had garnered international attention after roaming from Wyoming to become the first of the protected animals seen at the Grand Canyon in Arizona in 70 years, US wildlife managers said on Wednesday. News that the lone wolf spotted last fall […]

Dec 132014
Why Killing Wolves Might Not Save Livestock

In late August, a government sharpshooter in a helicopter hovering above a wooded eastern Washington hillside killed the lead female wolf of the Huckleberry Pack. The aim was to end attacks by the wolf pack, which had killed more than two dozen sheep. But in the long run, a shooting like this could just make […]

Oct 072014
How Wolves Change Rivers

There are “elk” pictured in this video when the narrator is referring to “deer.” This is because the narrator is British and the British word for “elk” is “red deer” or “deer” for short. The scientific report this is based on refers to elk so we wanted to be accurate with the truth of the […]