Dec 252017
Mana first afternoon

October in Mana Pools in the Zambezi valley below the escarpment is called suicide month, for a good reason. In the five days we were there, three of them averaged 43 degrees centigrade in the shade and 53 in the direct sun in the early afternoon. Part of the reason for visiting Mana at this […]

Jan 102017
Sixteen Scenes from 2016

Hello my friends! Firstly- I want to wish you a very happy and blessed 2017! It’s that time of year, eh? If you follow a plethora of photographers you will no doubt see many of them put out some sort of “best of 2016” image collection. I’ve outlined in previous posts why I think it’s […]

Feb 202014
This part of Africa is so beautiful

This part of Africa is so beautiful, it makes me want to come and build an open-cast copper mine here! Not. But that’s the kind of thinking that must be going on in the heads of people like the directors of Zambezi Resources Limited (an Australian mining company). They are planning to open an open-cast […]

Feb 092013
Only Three Left in Our Care…

Of the nearly 170 distinct species of elephants (members of the proboscidean species) that once roamed the earth, only three: the Asian, the African Savannah, and the African Forest Elephant remain today. There are many ways to help efforts to conserve these species. One specific avenue is to support valuable research projects such as this: […]