Trophy hunting ‘like serial killer taking home victim’s underwear’, says animal charity

Trophy hunting ‘like serial killer taking home victim’s underwear’, says animal charity

Animal charity PETA have likened the act of trophy hunting to a serial killer prizing a woman’s underwear as a keepsake after murdering her.

The non-profit animal rights organisation, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, made the statement on their UK Facebook page, which boasts 658,000 followers.

In a post, that has attracted just over 800 likes and other reactions, as well as close to 250 comments, PETA argued: “Trophy hunting is akin to a serial killer taking a woman’s underwear as a keepsake after he kills her.”

The dictionary definition of trophy hunting is “the activity of hunting and killing animals in order to display part or all of their bodies as trophies”.

One Facebook poster described trophy hunters as 'sick psychopaths' (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
One Facebook poster described trophy hunters as ‘sick psychopaths’ (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

PETA’s comparison was applauded by many who left comments underneath, although others felt the analogy was a little “extreme” and “sensationalist”.

Of those in support, one person wrote: “Yes I can imagine that is true because every time they look at their trophy they get a buzz from the memory of the kill. How sad and sick.”

Another responded: “Totally agree, could never understand the appeal, and to have animal heads hanging on your wall??? Why??”

A third declared: “Trouble is they’re out there and have no shame. Something wrong with them for sure to do this obscene act on innocents, but it’s scary they’re around us. I think I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions.”

A fourth added: “Totally agree. Sick psychopaths. What kind of a society condones this deviant behaviour? Why placate these sickos who want to kill and torture? Smh.”

But, from those querying the parallel made, one person argued: “My goodness you need help comparing hunting to the killing of a human. Disgusting and extreme. Shameful.”

Another contested: “I just don’t think you should be comparing rapists to anything other than rapists…”

A third said: “Trophy hunting is morally wrong. However, saying that trophy hunters are akin to serial killers is under informed and sensationalist (I know: the author did not say that, he/she implied and tried to twist it toward the ‘trophies’ – yet, it’s is there!). Most serial killers are cold psychopaths. Most trophy hunters are just despicable adrenaline junkie ‘compensationalists’ (small di..k Micks, ‘why mummy didn’t like me’, etc.)…”

This article by David Flett was first published by The Daily Star on 19 October 2022. Lead Image: Animal charity PETA UK have likened the act of trophy hunting to serial killing on their Facebook page (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/Johner RF).

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