Two Men Charged with Shooting Animals at a Safari Park in Quebec

Two Men Charged with Shooting Animals at a Safari Park in Quebec

Two Canadian men were charged with shooting animals at a safari park in Quebec and killing three wild boars and an elk.

The men have been accused of breaking into the safari Parc Omega in Quebec and shooting three wild boars and an elk. The killings have shocked and devastated the park.

Mathieu Godard and Jeremiah Mathias-Polson broke through a barrier at the Parc Omega earlier this month. The Guardian reported that a security guard on duty noticed a vehicle that had illegally entered the park and immediately notified the police. However, only moments later, he heard gunshots.

“The police quickly arrived and located and intercepted a vehicle. Both men were arrested. Police found four animal carcasses inside the vehicle,” Quebec provincial police spokesperson Marc Tessier said in a press release.

Police seized firearms from the vehicle, and now the pair are facing charges of wilfully killing animals kept for a lawful purpose, breaking and entering, illegally transporting firearms, and unlawfully firing a firearm during a break and enter.

“We have put all the necessary efforts in place to ensure that this situation does not happen again, for everyone’s safety and for the safety of our precious animals,” Billie-Prisca Giroux, Omega park spokesperson, said in a statement.

Godard, one of the men, works as a hunting guide. He was released on bail last week and is prohibited from entering the park, communicating with Mathias-Polson, and from carrying a gun. He is also not allowed to consume drugs or alcohol.

Mathias-Polson was already on probation when he was arrested for murdering the animals at the safari, and he remains in custody in Quebec. This is heartbreaking, and we hope that these men will be punished to the full extent of the law.

This article by Hailey Kanowsky was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 21 November 2022. 

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