Video Captures Mama Bear Desperately Trying To Rescue Her Cub Stuck In A Tree

Video Captures Mama Bear Desperately Trying To Rescue Her Cub Stuck In A Tree

Being a mom is a full-time job, and it’s not just humans who are bound to the busy schedule of parenting.

Our fellow animals also have their paws full taking care of their little ones. And for one mother bear in Switzerland, it was a very trying day when her cub refused to go home.

Like most kids, baby animals love playtime. But sometimes, they can get carried away, and it’s up to their moms to keep them in line.

However, for this mom, it was a little easier said than done. While out enjoying the day, the little bear cub wanted to have some fun and mom was willing to entertain him until it was time to go.


The little bear didn’t want to go home though. In fact, towards the end of the playtime, the mother bear was struggling to get her cub to come down from the tree.

So she had to resort to alternative means. That’s when she started to shake the tree in hopes of getting her cub to come down.


It was an adorably funny video that someone managed to capture, and it perfectly captures the mother’s role as caretaker – no matter what species.

Watch the adorable video down below:

This article by Anastasia Arellano was first published by The Animal Rescue Site. Lead Image: YOUTUBE/FRANZ GYSI.

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