Watch This Wholesome Video Of A Mama Bear And Her Cub Playing In The Yard

Watch This Wholesome Video Of A Mama Bear And Her Cub Playing In The Yard

Aren’t bear cubs adorable? I mean, bears are cute, but they can be terrifying when they’re big. Cubs, on the other hand, are terrifying still, but at least they don’t look as intimidating as their adult counterparts.

What’s better than a cub? A cub playing with its parents, perhaps. One North Carolina resident recently witnessed a wholesome interaction between a mama bear and her cub right in her yard.

Shirley Havera was just chilling in her garden when she heard something rustle nearby. Lo and behold, a bear and a cub emerged out of the trees and into her yard.

Without panicking, she says that she just got onto her deck and watched the whole interaction from a safe distance.

“We watched this fabulous show for 30-35 mins,” she said.

The pair wrestled each other, or at least the cub tried to, and just played with each other. Mostly the mama bear is just indulging her hyper cub. The baby bear pounces, play-bites its mother, nuzzles a bit and then continues its one-sided wrestling. In my eyes, it looks like the mama bear just wants to relax a bit at the end of the video once her cub decides that playtime is over.

Watch the “fabulous show” in the video below.


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