Ways to Keep Carpenter Bees Away From Your House

Ways to Keep Carpenter Bees Away From Your House

As a homeowner, you prime yourself to become fortified against all sorts of problems that may damage the infrastructure of your home. Inclement weather, a damaged roof, and so on. One thing that people perhaps don’t do enough to protect themselves from are carpenter bees. While they are great for mother nature due to their capacity to pollinate, they are absolutely awful if they find a way to nest in your home. Carpenter bees can induce a great deal of damage, especially to softwoods such as cedar and pine. This is why we’re going to introduce you to the ways in which you can prevent any risk of having carpenter bees invade your home and causing irreparable damage.

Going the Natural Route

While it may seem completely beyond the realm of possibility that you can rid your space of carpenter bees in a way that is completely natural, there are ways of nipping the matter in the bud without resorting to chemical-based solutions. One non-lethal way of solving the issue is investing in a bunch of traps that can capture them easily. Just buy a few – or, if you’re the enterprising sort, build them – and then all you need to do is place them in a hanging position above the offending bee nest. The bees will enter thinking that they are going to the nest but will actually be captured by the netting, and will have no way to escape, until you grab the trap and open it in a place far away from your home, setting them off into the wild. Meanwhile, make sure that you’ve covered up the bee nest so that they cannot enter again easily.

Try Pesticides

If the former process seems too involved, or you simply do not have the capacity to install a bunch of bee traps, then it might be time to hire reinforcements. If you don’t have any idea on how to get rid of carpenter bees, you can call for a professional intervention who will effectively use pesticides to get rid of them. Since carpenter bees don’t come with massive infestations, pesticides can do the trick. Check in with the experts, but they will most likely tell you that more than one visit will be necessary to get rid of the issue completely, especially in the summer. If you are worried about the environmental impact of pesticides, it’s very easy to request the use of non-toxic chemicals, as opposed to the classic, terrible formulas of yore.

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Preventative Care

Getting rid of the immediate problem is only one step of the process. In order for things to be in perfect shape, you need to also prevent carpenter bees from taking root in your garden once again. Most experts recommend getting the problem under control during the fall months since that is when the potential nesting areas will be empty. This is the perfect time to plug up any holes by adding putty or other materials after you’ve made sure that the carpenter bees have vacated the area.

Carpenter bees are one of those annoyances that can be easy to forget about for quite some time until it feels too late. Luckily, with the proper help and expertise, you can get rid of them pretty easily. The only thing is, don’t wait too long to solve the issue since you don’t want to damage the infrastructure of your home further.

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