Who are Animal lovers? How do they contribute to wildlife conservation through Art?

Who are Animal lovers? How do they contribute to wildlife conservation through Art?

We know a great deal about animal lovers and who they are. The following are all considered to be animal lovers: 

  • Someone who loves pets
  • An animal or pet person
  • Animal rights fighters and advocates
  • Animal worshipers
  • Animal activists
  • Vegans
  • Wildlife writers and photographers

Each one of the above live their lives in some way or another loving, caring or advocating for animals. We all should be grateful for these people, as they provide a great and meaningful contribution not only to the animals and their lives, but to us as well.

Have you ever thought for a moment of what human lives would be if not for animals? Reflect on this for just a moment. For starters at birth we require milk immediately to live and grow; sometimes we may nurse from our mothers, but today most babies rely on cows milk. What progress would mankind have made if we did not have horses or even elephants for that matter. Horses have provided transportation, the basis of modern farming, our partners in countless wars, and so much more. Elephants as well as camels and even donkeys have not only served for transportation but have allowed us to build extraordinary cities from ancient times onward.

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So we all owe where our world stands today not only to so many amazing animals, but to their dedicated, trustworthy animal lovers. It is true that the animal world has doubtlesly improved our lives in so many ways, but the animal cannot stand up for itself and profess to us how it has contributed to and improved our lives. 

And here’s where we owe so much to the animal lovers of our world. They have always not only defended, fed, protected and cared for animals, but they have shown us their importance. We should all in some way help and support the animal lovers of the world for the ongoing love and services that they fight daily for animals.

View More Horse Pictures
View More Horse Pictures

Animal wall art

Why animal wall art? Animal wall art and wildlife wall art have become one of the most favored categories today. We at Ejaz Khan Photography know this because of the numerous emails and social media interaction that we  reply to daily. We find it very interesting and flattering that it comes to us from all over the world. Animal lovers from every continent contact us for information about our numerous wildlife of every type in our online gallery

Whichever wildlife subject may be your favorite, we have it covered. Everything from bald eagles, pumas, monkeys, to snow owls and more are on display in our gallery. Did I forget to mention horses? No way! These extraordinary animals are the ones that we get the most inquiries about. People all over the world love horses.

Yesterday I saw a report on television where a woman in the Ukraine, who had fled to safety abroad; she returned to save her six horses. She also managed to find a situation outside the Ukraine where both she and the horses would be safe. This made me realize even more how much people are devoted to and love their horses.

Perhaps you may now better understand why people want to choose wildlife wall art for their home; they relate to it and it is a very personal decision close to their heart. At the same time it will naturally beautify any room in your home with an original touch. We will explore this more below. 

Snow Owl Picture
Snow Owl Picture

A wildlife art theme for your interior design

It is always a good idea to select a theme for your interior design. This decision will make it easier for you to choose the art that you wish to display in your home. Having a theme forces you to focus your attention and decision making on the theme.

When a wildlife theme is chosen there are many directions that your interiors can go, while at the same time presenting a cohesive statement. The animals themselves can bring a particular look and emotion into a room that no other art choice can. For example a group of horses galloping head on at you in the water will give a fresh, clean aura of excitement when hung above a sofa. A snow owl slowly flying through a snow shower can bring a sense of peace and calm into a bedroom when hung above a bed. In a den or family room we can choose baby monkeys playing together to give a mood of  amusement to the room. There are literally endless moods and emotions that we are able to inject in any interior design plan through our wildlife art.

We sincerely hope that we have been able to assist you with your decorating quest as we do daily for our customers.

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