Why We Need to Boycott Zoos in 2020!

Why We Need to Boycott Zoos in 2020!

Zoos are popular places for people of all ages to visit. But zoos do more harm than good. For many reasons, zoos should be closed.

According to conservationist Damian Aspinall, zoos claim that they are helpful for conservation. But many animals in zoos are not endangered or under threat.

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Showing animals in conservation is not an especially large part of zoo program, according to Aspinall. Conservation is use as useful in schools or other places. His estimates put 1% of zoo visitors as enthusiastic about conservation.

Zoos are made for humans, not animals. Cage in zoos are designed to furnish the best viewing experience for people. The cages lack privacy and space. Animals are often under stressful conditions. According to PETA, animals needs are often overlooked.

They are not given ample room to exercise or for mental stimulation. According to Outside, the average lifespan of an elephant in captivity is 17 years, 39 years shorter than elephants in the wild.

Many zoos say they play important roles in breeding animals. But this breeding just perpetuates animals for zoos. And often, animals held in zoos cannot be released back into the wild due to learned zoo behaviors.

Zoos were created in a time before television, before nature documentaries and extensive travel. Seeing animals on tv or in documentaries in their natural habitat is a real educational tool. It’s time to stop pretending zoos are useful tools for conservation and animal well-being. They are not.

Zoos are harmful to wildlife and do not help with conservation efforts, as they most commonly publicize. Animals are kept in small habitats and often suffer emotional distress.

Sign this petition to call for a ban on zoos around the world!

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This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 30 December 2019.

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