Wild Animals Roam on 2,500-Acre Kenya Golf Course Which The Resort Says is A ‘Wildlife Sanctuary’

Wild Animals Roam on 2,500-Acre Kenya Golf Course Which The Resort Says is A ‘Wildlife Sanctuary’

At Kenya’s Vipingo Ridge, wild animals roam throughout the only PGA-accredited golf course in the country. Giraffes, birds, impala, eagles, deers, waterbuck, and alligators are some of the animals roaming around this course that the company says is part of their “conservation project to establish a wildlife sanctuary.”

Vipingo Ridge is 2,500 acres of land that was once privately owned and is now an “animal sanctuary” or “conservation,” the Minister of Wildlife and Tourism in Kenya told CNN. While their efforts to create a place for animals and some rescued animals, not all of their animals are rescued, meaning these species could have been perfectly fine living where they were before.

Although some of the animals arrive as rescues, the region’s wild species are free to roam the course. The Ridge says there are indigenous trees planted on the course for the animals. The Ridge believes that by taking and building on the animals’ ecosystem that they are helping the animals roam free while creating a unique (money-making) experience for their guests.

“It’s such a nice thing to be able to go play golf and you’ve got wildlife just around you,” Vipingo Ridge’s director of golf Saleem Haji told CNN. “It’s not false, not a zoo … that’s where they want to be.”

Is it where they want to be? What if someone came and developed a 2,500-acre golf course around your house that you had to walk through every day with golf balls flying everywhere?

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