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Calling all wildlife photographers at all skill levels to take part in the next “Best Photo of the Week Competition”. Check out the entries which have already been submitted below.

If you think you have a better photo in your portfolio, don’t delay!

Submit your photo now and WIN the next contest.

1) Members Area

Please log in with your username and password. If you are not already an existing user, please complete the new users registration.
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Now that you’ve logged in, please proceed to upload your photo.

2) Upload your Photo

Please select the photo to be uploaded, complete the empty boxes corresponding to your photo and click “Upload”. The page will reload after approximately 20 seconds and your photo will be displayed in the gallery you selected.

There is an upload limit of ONE photo for the photo competition but THREE photos per day for the other categories. Photos should have a minimum width of 1,024 pixels.

If you want to enter your photo for the competition, then leave the default category “Photo Competition” unchanged.

Depending on the speed of your broadband connection and the size of your photo, an upload can take between 30 seconds and several minutes.

It is vital that once you have clicked the upload button, you don’t refresh or migrate to another page.

Just wait until the upload is completed and your photo is displayed in the gallery.


3) Entries for Next Competition


4) Best Photo of the Week – Conditions of Entry
  • You have read and agree to the Terms of Service
  • You confirm that the photo copyright belongs to you.
  • The photo title and descriptive fields must be completed.
  • Photos of pets, captive or domestic animals are not allowed.
  • Photos not in accordance with conditions of use may be excluded.
  • Winning photos will also be featured on our blog’s rotating banner.


Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Andy Smith

I just entered the weekly contest for the first time. I’ve read about how to vote, but it’s not as simple as it sounds! I don’t see any ‘vote’ button at the bottom of the page, and when I click on a photo (to choose it for voting), it just goes to the gallery. Can anyone explain it better, or am I missing something? thanks.

Glenn Bartley

Andy, this page refers to an older competition, which was already voted on and has now been closed. The entries for the next competition can be found on the link: – thanks for uploading your entry “Tiger Swallowtail” – voting will start on Saturday 26th July 2014. The competition will be announced on our newsletter, when the “VOTE” button will be activated. Hope this helps to clarify the situation. Good luck in the next competition.

Andy Smith

NOW I get it! Thank you very much for the simple explanation, iI didn’t realize the vote button would appear later on. Also, I entered a different picture for the competition, “Feeding Barn Swallows”, then uploaded the swallowtail picture, but didn’t intend for it to go into the contest…I’m sure I changed the category! So, now I have 2 pictures in there. Should I delete one?

Glenn Bartley

Andy, no need to delete the Tiger Swallowtail! I have moved it to the “Insects of North America” gallery instead.