Young Seal Accidentally Breaks Into The House Of A Marine Biologist In New Zealand

Young Seal Accidentally Breaks Into The House Of A Marine Biologist In New Zealand

What would you do if you go home one day and suddenly saw a pup that you don’t recall ever having adopted?

Cute, if you think about it, I mean who doesn’t love puppies? But the pup I’m talking about is not the kind you’re probably thinking about right now; it’s actually an ocean puppy– a little young seal.

The bizarre incident happened in a home in New Zealand. But how on earth could a seal break into a home? Apparently, the Ross family’s home is close to the shore, and it really isn’t that weird to see marine life around the area. But even with the common sightings, they said that it’s the first they have ever heard, let alone experienced themselves, of a seal breaking into a home.

The clever pup managed to get inside the house by going through the two catflaps that the Ross family had installed for their cat, Coco. Phil Ross, believe it or not, is a marine biologist, and he believes that the seal ran into Coco outside their home, but both got spooked by the unexpected encounter.

“The cat would have gone to defend its territory, and obviously the seal wasn’t as intimidated as some dogs are, so Coco must have bolted around the side of the house, into the catflap, and the seal must have followed her,” said Phil.

The next one to discover the newest temporary addition to their family was Jenn Ross. She managed to coax the seal, now named Oscar, away from their couch and out into their garden.

A Department of Conservation ranger eventually came to take Oscar back to his own home, relaying that he had been taking care of other seal-related callouts in the area.

For those who are wondering where Coco is during all this hullabaloo, Coco was found later at their neighbor’s house, still afraid to go back to the scene of the crime. Jenn said that Coco refuses to go downstairs at all, and when she tried to carry the poor kitty in her arms, as soon as they came close to the room where Oscar had been hiding, Coco hissed and quickly went back upstairs.

Phil Ross, the marine biologist, jokingly said that his work came home this time around and that it was a shame that he was the only one not at home during the surprise visit. Despite all the things that happened in their home, the Ross family is happy with their guest.

“We couldn’t smell the seal. It was a very good house guest. It didn’t poop on the carpet or on the couch that it was sitting on, which was fantastic,” Phil said.

This article by Louise Peralta was first published by The Animal Rescue Site.

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