Mike Barth

Mike Barth

Mike Barth, a photographer from Manchester England, has been based in Dubai in the UAE since 2004. Mike, is an avid wildlife photographer with a keen focus on Avian species. Mike is determined to photograph as many of the worlds bird species as he possibly can and given the UAE's location, travels to Africa regularly. His recent travels have included India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya,Uganda and Panama. Mike offers regular birding or Photographic guiding throughout the UAE - get in touch for details.

Apr 072015
Pick on someone your own size!

Whilst on a short Safari recently in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya with Nature’s Wonderland Safaris, we came across a watering pool with White-headed and Rüppell’s Vultures along with Steppe Eagles. There was a mound that was a good vantage point for one of the Steppe Eagles. However a Rüppell’s Vulture had other ideas and thought […]

Jan 272015
Desert Ducks

There are some new man-made lakes that have recently been created to the South East of Dubai. They are still a way from becoming established sites and for some reason the authorities have introduced feral species from around the world leading to strange sights of birds that would normally never co-exist ! It has already […]

Jan 092015
Beautiful Panama !

Back in May 2014 I attended a conference in Orlando. Having birded that area of Florida a couple of times already I decided to look further afield. I had never been to Central America so decided a quick hop to Panama might be fun. The flight is around 3 hours so not a long stretch […]

Jan 162014
Well travelled Youngster

Whilst out guiding for the day in the West of the UAE last Saturday, I had the good fortune to cross paths with a rather beautiful young Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca). Imperial Eagles are listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Listing primarily due to habitat loss and degradation, adult mortality through persecution and collision with […]

Aug 072013
In search of Sooty Falcon

The Sooty Falcon has undergone a major decline in Arabia. Current status as per the EBRC (Emirates Bird Recording Committee) – “Highly endangered declining breeding visitor (5 nesting pairs in 2008, per EAD) to offshore Arabian Gulf islands. Rare migrant onshore”.So it was a pleasant surprise when an Emirati friend of mine reported a sighting […]

Jul 092013
UAE Pelagic Summary

Been a while since I posted, to be honest I have travelled a lot recently, taken a lot of pictures, been working hard and just not had time for the blog. However I find myself with 5 minutes to put together a small blog on a summary of some recent Pelagics I have been on […]

Apr 122013
Eagles and Harriers

March seemed to be a good time for Marsh Harriers and Greater Spotted Eagles down in the Dubai Pivot fields. Whilst I am used to seeing many Harriers this time of year, Greater Spotted Eagles are a different story. Whilst fairly common down the road at the Ras Al Khor sanctuary, in my experience this […]

Feb 182013
A few bits and pieces in the UAE Part II

Ajban farms is a favorite site of mine , located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is a desert scrub area with large water lakes. Unfortunately the water is constantly being pumped into tankers for nearby constructions sites. Not sure how much longer there will be water there, once gone I am sure there will […]

Feb 172013
A few bits and pieces from the UAE Part I

Not had much to report recently, travels have been limited and I have also been suffering with some niggly back problems. So here is a small blog showing some of the images I have taken over the last few weeks in the UAE. Dubai Internet City not only being mine and many other people’s work […]

Jan 012013
Red-Billed Tropicbirds on Qarnein Island

I recently had the pleasure to be invited along with a small group to the island of Qarnein which is situated off the mainland of the UAE 180km north-west of Abu Dhabi and can be found here at 24°56’7.00″N,52°50’59.00″E. Back in 2003 the island of Qarnein and its surrounding waters were been declared as a […]