May 312012

Love lost in summer evenings, too bright to ignore, a lawn transforms into a field of delicate, fiery stars. • Firefly | Lampyridae | Photinus pyralis

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Rick Lieder

Rick Lieder

Painter and photographer Rick Lieder has been creating fine art and conceptual illustration for many years. His art has appeared on award-winning novels ranging from mysteries and science fiction, to books based on the X-Files TV series, to Newbery Award-winning books for children, A Single Shard and Princess Academy. His work has been published widely in magazines and online (Orion, Natural History Magazine and others), and by HarperCollins, Random House, Simon & Shuster and Farrar, Straus & Giroux and more. Recently he has concentrated on a body of work centering on ordinary backyard wildlife. These photographs capture the unique qualities of light interacting with the natural world, including luminous photographs of honey bees and small birds in flight, glowing fireflies mating and hovering over twilight fields, mosquitoes with a belly full of blood, and new-born praying mantis nymphs emerging from their egg cases. STEP GENTLY OUT is his new nature picture book for all ages, a collaboration between painter and photographer Rick Lieder and novelist and poet Helen Frost. Three starred reviews from Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly and Booklist. Kirkus Reviews has selected Step Gently Out as one of four outstanding poetry titles for children to be featured on the Kirkus website for National Poetry Month, along with an interview. A website with all the news, reviews and up-to-date information for the book, plus a book trailer: http://bugdreams.com/sgo/

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