Oct 252013

Wolves are being killed to protect both the Woodlands Caribou and the Mountain Caribou when in both instances they are not to be blamed.

The reason for the declining numbers of wolves is the environmental disturbances caused by: Mountain Caribou. Logging, Loss of habitat, roads that make access easy for predators and human entertainment of snowmobiling and skiing.

The proud hunt and smiles of Wolf hunters. Picture from http://www.skinnymoose.com

Woodlands Caribou. Poisoning of the environment by the Tar Sands mining project. Loss of habitat resulting from the tar sands mining project. Shortage of food and logging. Killing wolves is not a solution to the problem. Therefore the wolves die for no reason other than being the blame boy for the Tar Sands Mining project.

Help us stop the wanton killing of wolves now and send the Ministry of BC a clear message that their environmental policies must be in line with the protection of the environment. The unnecessary killing of wolves must stop immediately.

We invite you to vote to help stop this unnecessary wolf slaughter in British Columbia. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia be banned?

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Now that you’ve voted, please sign the petition:

Stop the killing of wolves to protect Mountain- and Woodland Caribou in British Columbia.

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  158 Responses to “POLL: Should the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia be banned?”

  1. my family habe always hunted and trapped in the north peace harvesting predators is a must to keep the balance.

  2. heck no! the number of wolves are so hi that they are depleted our moose, elk, and deer numbers its crazy. my family depends on wild meat.

  3. why we alsways have to sign these petitions to stop these brutal activities? people should have some feelings from their heart to protect these lovely creature, not kill them. government should also be active to stop all these.

  4. Ban killing of wolves in BC!

  5. Just dogs, please stop this…

  6. Just STOP killing everything!!!!!! Why is man such a murderer?

  7. Wolves are vital wildlife beings, once protected and respected.

  8. Wolves are important for the food chain and balance in nature and wildlife. And we need to respect them!!!!

  9. if this poll says 96% against the killing then leave the wolves alone!! who are the other 4%?? come on B.C. government look at some numbers and see that we need wolves.

  10. This is wrong, and I'll bet that the miners were the ones to send in the calvary for all the suport yes has gotten….disgusting…We all deserve a piece of this planet…animal and human alike…very sad!


  12. Dead to all humans now! Live this planet and other normal creatures to maintain life! Earth does not need humans

  13. We must protect all of our precious wildlife, especially endangered species. We all have play an important role to play in the web of life.

  14. Stop killing the wolves

  15. Stop the killing of wolves at once. Hunters only kill for fun reasons, may God punish them!!

  16. The only thing that needs a good cull are the pure vile uneducated vermin known as humans. Nature looks after itself given the chance.

  17. And who will bring human numbers to a manageable level?

  18. yes stop the killing of woves let them live

  19. Natasha Plummer Eat vegetables and you wont need to kill someone.

  20. I would like to hunt hunters but hell its illegal. I would hunt you all with no mercy!

  21. Natasha Plummer CAPS LOCK off….are oyu just dumb or troll?

  22. Humans are also animals. Go troll someone else or start a petition.

  23. All who voted NO should be euthanised!


  25. They have a place in the Ecosystem. No more killing!!!!

  26. yes stop the killing of woves !!!!!

  27. killings of wolves must stop

  28. it make me sick !! and very sad .

  29. there is no science to this cull

  30. Yes, ban the slaughter of wolves, let them live



  33. end & stop mass slaughter wolves , wolves are wonderful animals , don't hunting them , let them free run , thank you

  34. The wolves are important to our ecoysystem. They don't deserve to be slaughtered! It is morally wrong to do so. We are supposed to be good stewards of the animals and the earth.

  35. I love wolves. Aroo. Go wolves


  37. Kill a wolf and you are an idiot

  38. Wolves belong in the wild, not as rednecks' trophies, throw rugs, nor fur coats!! STOP KILLING OUR WOLVES OR ELSE YOU WILL BE CURSED WITH DEATH FROM PLAGUES AND PESTILENCES!!

  39. Once again man the killer without thought, only ignorance. Man has damaged this planet more than any animal, maybe we should kill that predator. Oh, he already does. What a mess.

  40. No they should not kill the wolves after watching a video to what has happened in Yellowstone Park this killing has to stop now

  41. They are being trophy killed by ignorant people who think if they kill more natural predators, they get more deer and caribou to kill. The only way to stop this is to change the funding of state and province agencies that are funded on killing. Of course after forever killing license funding, they are just killing agencies. REFORM THEM TO GENERAL PUBLIC FUNDING WE ALREADY BRING TO TAX COFFERS! ORGANIZE or deal with the symptoms forever.


  43. Ban this disgusting killing of wolves and deprive these inbred psychopaths their morbid sick pleasure of killing for pleasure . its sickening that the state government would provide these psychopaths with this opportunity to kill for fun. Shame on the premier! Lobby groups!!

  44. sick people – leave the wolves and other wildlife around. Does this make you feel good?

  45. I also agree that this needs to be stopped killing these Wolves is just a scapegoat to make way for more fracking mining ,forestry,etc these Wolves help the environment and need to be left alone

  46. Wolf hunting should be banned who the hell are we to decide that they should die they were here before us so we should learn to live with Wolves

  47. I wanted everyone to know that they stopped the killing of wolves 🙂

  48. Why! What in the gods creation makes it so you can kill these innocent animals! How do you sleep at night!

  49. These two wolf hunters posing behind the body of the four dead wolves are despicable. Wolves are highly intelligent and social animals. Every dog in this world have the wolf as their ancestor. These two are morons and sad excuses of human beings.

  50. You are so right. Instead of regulating the tar sands – the easy way is always blame the top predator! These wolves are a major part of the eco system, and there are many studies out there for these people who think that killing wolves is a good thing NOT! There are many reasons for the decline of caribou etc…wolves is not one of them! Idiots…

  51. Totally ban all hunting… We do not need to hunt. We do not need to kill. They were here before us. We are at around 8 billion people now… We are the over populated species destroying the environment and the animals. Who is going to cull us? Stop the senseless slaughter of these creatures that are vital to the Eco systems. If you remove humans from the situation other animals will thrive. Xx

  52. really? That's what you're writing about trophy hunting?

  53. That's right, I do care about animals….and you and I are members of the animal world. Monkeys…….hmmmm…….hahaha, noooooo…….. you're not sucking me into that! Just read the stuff put out there by real experts, and read more, and then some more …..you can do it outdoors with the "other" animals, it'll be fun.

  54. succinct and absolutely spot on.

  55. Natasha Plummer In the words of a very famous American: "There you go again!" Always seem to be off-track, and by the way really, really judgmental. Please be aware of that. Um….you don't really KNOW, do you, that I 'd not protect your children…and you don't really know if I have any children of my own to protect or feed them to the wolves, so to speak. And by God you're a genius if YOU truly know the meaning of life. Its clear to me you are adamant about your food source, and you probably look at a farm-raised animal as a piece of shit. I have never claimed to eat meat, nor have I claimed to be a vegan; never said I don't eat grass, or that I don't eat cow, and not many people here have. And we don't know everyone's personal history concerning their eating habits, and you have no idea what I think of you. I actually like you–you're full of spunk!! Just don't make asinine assumptions–get the facts, ma'am, and we'll all get along.

  56. Natasha Plummer I don't quite understand….how is it that "that can be fixed easily?"

  57. The number of species going endangered and extinct are already peaking at alarming rates. Hunting of A pex predators is a no brainer- it should not happening anywhere. As we kill off species on our planet, we are more than disrupting the balance of things. We need ecological diversity for the world to stay going round. STOP THE HUNTING OF WOLVES.

  58. And by the way logging is not the only thing that happens in Oregon But I also see that it is pointless to tell you anything because you are very judgmental


  60. No im not farming deer…lol they run free and no they are not pets…lol….when I killed a cougar it came into my yard im not going to sit on my but while it is heading for my children Im not like you I protect my children from harm But I don't expect you to understand because you truly don't understand what the true meaning of what life is just by the way you talk That's clear to me and I also can tell you have never had to go with out food…You look at me like im a piece of shit im sure But you wait and see whats coming soon there will be no food……By the way everyone on this site has had all kinds of meat when you were babies….lol by the way a cow is beef they are an animal for a person thats against killing you should be eating grass not Cows…I know you will reply with an excuse but theres no excuse an animal is an animal no matter how many of them there are

  61. The bible talks about murdering People not animals

  62. Natasha Plummer I see no reason to to into a cougar's territory. I think they should be left to themselves. Therefore, there is no risk of him chasing me. (So they aren't afraid of a shot to the side, or anything like that—I don't really know, of course.) Sorry to pick on a logger, coming from Oregon that's the only thing one can do. Anyway, I am on forced retirement, and I know I make less than a logger in Riddle, Oregon. (estimated per capita income is 19 K) I must admit it is a beautiful area in the U.S. and I confess I have, indeed, planted a tree or two in my life lol. I would love to feed deer, but we don't want our wild animals not to fear humans–THEN how easy would it be to kill them? The best food for them is the food out there in the wild, so they don't become sick. In your case, I see….you really ARE kinda farm raising deer, so they will be around for you to eat. Actually, Plummer, you are also sitting on your bottom and judging me, too: I would love to do nothing but plant trees and watch them grow to old age, but with my "maturity", its not feasible!!!

  63. If deer meet is not needed for our body then why is it here to look at lol wow I see why this world has so many problems its because of people like you all you car about is animals you don't care about anything else because you don't believe in that you can not see Your probably on of those people that think me we made out of monkeys

  64. Garry Summers excellent point, Garry.

  65. You sound like me–thank you for the sentiment, we have to work to get others to hear it.

  66. The dilemma of vegetarianism is not the issue here, and lol, not human babies, either. Just remember, as Gary has said, humans don't even need the flesh of other animals. But also, the fact that beef, pork and chicken are sold in stores is because they are farm-raised: a sustainable population. I advise stretching out that store-bought meat with a lot of veggies, if the meat has been attained from a reputable farm.

  67. Agree with everything you said except the notion that we can humanely kill someone that does not want to die. This is a myth that has been fed to us by the 'ethical meat' movement. There is no humane way to kill a sentient being who wants to live just like there is no way to nicely rape another human.

  68. I've had to kill a cougar because it was coming after me I'm sure you would of let it eat you tho you sound like a rich person because you don't know what it's like to go without food and I kill deer so my family can eat and people that have no homes can eat your stereo typing people not all loggers are greedy and thoughtless And as I said before I don't believe in killing for sport what are you doing to help our world do you get your hands dirty and plant trees do you feed starving children do you feed the deer so they can make more babies? I do everything I just said I live in the woods and I have animals all around me and they all walk right up to me…why don't you get off your butt and stop judging people and get out there and do the real work 🙂

  69. Interesting Natasha that you mention the "bible" yet you also mention you "love hunting"….hmmm…"thou shalt not kill"… #6 I believe…and you "love hunting"….how can one that kills animals "love it"??

  70. As usual the ecosystem has not been looked at properly

  71. Frieda so your telling me that you don't eat beef and pork and chicken and fish

  72. How many animals have you had to kill for your protection, Plummer? Enough to include that in your statement….or are you reaching out a little far in order to justify your hunting. Listen–loggers cut down trees, any trees, they don't care how old they are, how scarce they are, or how much is actually needed. Hopefully, scientists are working on at this very minute, new synthetic materials that can be used in place of wood in houses. And paper is becoming a thing of the past, since our communication can now be done in cyberspace. Oil in vehicles is gradually being phased out….you know–Tessla, Prius–so, yeah we have a right to get mad at loggers and oil cos. But this post is about the random killing of the wolves which much be stopped immediately–I certainly hope you have signed the petition to ban this practice, because this is what GOD wants you to do (rolls eyes).

  73. Frieda Toni yes I know how kids get here I have 3 kids…it's wrong to kill an animal in cruel ways it's like killing a baby inside the womb but people say it's okay but if you have ever seen how they kill that baby you would change your mind…one way they do it is they chop the baby in half while its still alive and another way they do it they crush the baby's head another way they do it is when the child is born they kill is right after the baby comes out But people don't care that that is happening whats the difference between a child and a animal why do people protect animals more then babies that would be like watching a doctor kill your babies right in front of you How would you feel about that???? Would you say do it there's to many people in the world We need to have more animals in the world or would you scream yelling please don't kill my baby??? Think about that for a while before you reply

  74. Why do conservatives always find ways to blame those other than themselves for problems created by themselves?

  75. I couldn't have said any better myself!

  76. They actually say animals were put on earth to be admired for their beauty.

  77. I wonder just how many people ACTUALLY NEED to kill animals to feed their family, and yet have all the time, and money to spend and buy the computer on which they claim they hunt for only food-that's crock.

  78. Natasha Plummer reply to Plummer: No, Plummer, its not kids' fault they were born, aren't you familiar with how babies come into the world? But every one other person born means that much resources for this being for maybe 70 years into the future. Plus the fact that his or her parents may be stupid enough to teach their offspring its perfectly ok to kill off any species of animal just for the pleasure of seeing it (one animal) writhing in agony and bleeding out its guts til all life has passed from its body.

  79. Naoko, I totally agree with you, and I so wished we'd have that policy in the U.S., and everywhere!!

  80. Stop killing animals in general and hurting them. You have no fecking right !! How would the human race like if if another life form came and done the same!!! The human race are greedy sick and scum!!!

  81. I think everyone should use things responsibly….my family are loggers but they don't clear cut and they replant me and my family help everyone with wood to heat with but people that start getting greedy with us we stop helping them if everyone would work together and not against each other this world would be a wonderful place but its not going to happen with all people but the people willing to work together can set an example for the others and eventually they will join in

  82. The bible says to care for everything well

  83. I agree with you people are greedy but that can be fixed easy

  84. I think that get pregnant and dump the child of is wrong and killing child when you are pregnant is wrong but peoples that truly wants a child deserves to have them not pick a number ii have 3 wonderful loving kids that loves everything around them if someone was to dump there child off on me I would be more then happy to take care of it as my own the real problem is not people having to many kids its people who don't care about there children and those kids grow up full of hurt and whined up not caring about anything if you see what I mean its people I feel that some people need to get fixed if they don't care and the ones that do should be able to have as many as they can handle because those kids will grow up to do good

  85. that's partly true Natasha…the problem is that oil companies and logging companies – and the governments that support these mega-corporations know no bounds…they will only stop raping the Earth for profit when all life on earth is killed off…they don't care…which brings us back to over-population…more need, more greed

  86. By over-population I don't mean to imply that it's the children's fault…how can it be. Some people don't understand "human over-population"…humans seem to think we have the right to produce as many children as we want without looking at or caring about the impact it will have on the Earth….that's called ignorance and arrogance….if any one family has more than two kids that is contributing to the over-population problem…just having two kids will replace the adults that produce them and the population remains stable…more than two kids…that's your exponential growth…that will eventually kill all life on Earth

  87. Yes, please ban the unnecessary killing of wolves.

  88. Im a single mother of 3 kids I do walk all over sometimes I have to get a ride to the store im not perfect but I try my best yes I have been out of the country I went to Mexico went down there to help poor children I've moved all over not by choice tho…yes we need to protect the world we live in because soon there will be no air to breath but there is only one way to do it and you have to have people working together

  89. The truth is that everyone has an ignorant side people are far from perfect….if people would look at the whole picture they would see that without mills and gas and other places we wouldn't have phones cars TV's houses stores we would live in bark huts and work with our hands but over the years people started getting greedy and wanted more money but it was that cold hearted person that told that child that your worthless an less you do what I do

  90. Yes I got upset because everyone blames someone else but the truth is that while they are blaming children and people that have nothing to do with it the people who are causing the problems are getting away with it because everyone else is to busy fighting with the wrong people

  91. There are people on this site that believes that it's kids fault and believe that there shouldn't be any more kids in the world WOW it's amazing why this would is truly messed up

  92. Garry Summers yeah, I kind of meant what Garry Summers said.
    I did not say I'll kill off my kid.
    I meant, when ignorant people reproduce, history repeats itself. That's all.
    I mean Natasha, If you think of all that, how do you even live? Do you walk to everywhere? Do you ride a bike to everywhere instead? Never go anywhere out side the country? I'm just wondering. If I can live like what you explained, I'd love that! But in this world, that's not how we can live. I work, I need to get to work…
    and just so you know, I'm aware of all the things you said.
    I just think every one of us need to be aware of this environment… that's all. Obviously, I've offended you, and I apologize!

  93. @GarrySummers Yes people do destroy the earth but if there was no children you wouldn't be here so it's not a child's fault People need to stop blaming children for everything It's greedy money hungry People and people who blame children who have nothing to do with it so stop blaming children

  94. I agree with you I'm a hunter but I don't hunt an less my family needs the food I think its wrong to hunt for sport I think that if people want to kick animals out of there homes then we should kick the people out of theres and show them how the animals feel.

  95. God put animals on the earth to be eaten not to be killed for fun

  96. Yes, it should be banned!

  97. Now we're like the Americans, KILL, KILL, KILL! We should be so proud to be stupid ignorant murderer's!

  98. Its a cruel and barbaric practice, animals kill when they are hungry humans kill for trophy hunting and sport, its humans who are destroying this planet and dont respect it.

  99. Nature manages itself, has done for millennia. To think or say otherwise is ultimate arrogance and ignorance.

  100. Human over-population and the arrogance of the species is the root cause of all environmental destruction…

  101. Except for the fact that humans DO NOT need animal flesh in their diet…

  102. It is not necessary and needs to stop this is just a sport for sick twisted people its just sad, I could see if someone needed to feed themselves ofr family but sport hunting is just a bunch of sick people

  103. This makes my stomach sick !!!!!!!! How dear they do this !!!!!!!! When the wolves are gone so are the humans !!!!!!!! Why can't these evil ,heartless people leave the helpless against guns alone ??????? I hate hate people that kill animals hate them ! Wish someone would shot them

  104. Yes stop the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia!

  105. It should be banned !! All animals should not be killed !!

  106. Thank god the majority of people were born with some common sense.

  107. It is WRONG, nature looks after it's self.

  108. Please be aware of the inhumanity involved in the culling of any animal. There is always a reason indicated for a culling and it is not until years later that we become aware of the fact that our interference has had a far broader reaching scope than that which we were trying to address. We throw the entire animal populace off balance – we change the face of our land. It is initial interference by man that has affected the animals (cariboo ect) in this area to begin with and the killing of these wolves will further affect not only their population but the habits and population of multitudes of animals, birds ect. Please address the problems at hand by reviewing what has been happening in the area (tar sands) and address what can be done to minimize their imprint on nature, animals, the landscape. Please do not further diminish/deteriorate the system that was in place by culling these animals. Make a positive impact and leave a positive imprint.

  109. They should leave then alone

  110. After you have one kid are you going to kill the rest? If so then your no better then the people who killed those wolves

  111. Its not people having children its the cold hearted People and all the control freaks out there….Save the world please take a look at your self if you have a car it runs on oil if you live in a house it was made out of wood if you put makeup on it was made out of aborted babies and baby animals where does all your trash go to the dump and the dump takes it to a site where it sits there….Think about looking at your self before blaming innocent children first of all it's not kids fault it's all the crap drove into them from the TV and Games and people that have hatred

  112. I love hunting….But I do Not believe in hunting for sport. I kill for food for my family or for my protection…And another thing people need to stop getting mad at loggers and oil companies. Your houses and the paper you write on is made out of trees. And the oil from the Tar Sands Mining project. go's into vehicles and the boats that ship food that you eat…If we were to stop everything that is bad for environment a lot of people wouldn't be able survive….Think About It

  113. Chronis Jay True words of a spineless coward, I would definitely love to see you go hunting without a weapon in your hands. I would love to come down there and rip your heart out with my bare hands, but cowards like you don't have a heart. I wish I had seen this last October I would have come down there and dealt with you myself.

  114. How can this be justified? Wanton killing and for what purpose when it has been scientifically established that wolves are not the reason for caribou decline. The B.C. government is bowing to the interests of the hunting lobby and giving hunters an opportunity for "bloodletting." Take away the apex predators and the ecosystem begins to collapse. I feel so sorry for these poor animals. What a price they continue to pay for humanity's greed and ignorance. There is no respect for the sacredness of life, so what we sow now, we will reap later. We are on the way out if that is some compensation!


  116. The blame is on US…The humans, taking and taking more and land. On the poisoning of the land and water, blame is on humans. LOOK AT THE INTRODUCTION OF THE WOLVES TO YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. The wolves helped the Whole Ecological System. Check it out for yourself.

  117. Yes stop the killings

  118. before we start killing off the animals we need to save so our environment cannot be messed up. Maybe we should think about banning idiots having kids. Then we'll have less idiots like this roaming around this world. Have we think about that?? maybe have world 1 child policy so we'll have less humans on this planet.

  119. 100 % yes.it is shameful.

  120. This should be banned

  121. Stoppppppppppp killer wolves!!!!

  122. I’m for the wolves, they are necessary, a part of nature, to keep balance, but I also feel if the pack gets to big, then we should cull some of them, not all of them,

  123. I agree that all unnecessary killing of animals should be banned! Where else do people want animals to hunt for food to feed their themselves and their young. Jerkserks animals need to feed families also, just like humans do, so don't blame the animals since people are taking over all of their habitats. God put them on earth too, so they also have rights. I call them the silent victims, and killers take advantage of this. Humans should learn to respect all animals, if you must hunt for food, do it humanley, and not so with cruelty. They have a right to live on this earth too!

  124. Ron Davis, who is to guarantee they will live in peace in California……..where it is much much hotter and never gets snow……..why the hell cant us man share our world with wildlife……..we still need them here for balance of the eco-system…….Not all of us here want them gone…….there are many many of us trying to figure out a way to keep them here, not to be given away to say California where there is only one………..Sorry but do we think we might as well ship all ours to there where they will be protected…………….BULLSHIT…….oh by the way what does that one wolf feed off of in the sandy dessert??

  125. I don't believe that killing is the right answer nor do I believe that the oil sands can be blamed for everything. This is an extremely biased OPINION

  126. […] Wolves are being killed to protect both the Woodlands Caribou and the Mountain Caribou when in both instances they are not to be blamed. The reason for the decl  […]

  127. MURDERERS………

  128. The wolf has been demonised for far too long so that much of the public see them as a danger. This gives the hunters a much easier ride to be able to kill them at will. I believe the public is beginning to see the wolf for the beautiful creature it is and
    are beginning to see that it must be saved and not hunted to extinction. The hunters themselves are cruel and hateful with no respect for any creature and must be stopped. So yes,yes, yes this slaughter of the wolves in British Columbia and
    anywhere else MUST be stopped.

    • I agree, and also the fear humans have of bears and cougars. Humans have such a misunderstanding of them because they don’t live with them and see them regularly.

  129. Wolf number have gone up over the last couple of year where hunters had been ban for shooting them. They are now culling the number of wolfs to a manageable level.

  130. Yes, it should be banned.

  131. do these "men" in the picture have small penises or what?!

  132. You know it should be anyone who hunt any animal then they should get hunted like the wolves

  133. It is not the caribou that the wolf kill protects, it is ranchers stock for which that are reimbursed.

  134. It’s ALWAYS about money.These magnificent much maligned and persecuted creatures deserve to be allowed to live in peace.Man is supposed to be a care taker but he has become a greedy ,inhumane killing machine devoid of any empathy or soul,believing his way is the right way….shameful.hunt the hunters !

  135. Take their guns away and plop them in the middle of a pack bet they last longer than thought and if the bloody tar sands would stop nature might heal as wolves are only killing the sick and old. It is the tar sands that is poisoning not only wildlife but us too when all wildlife is gone. But greed prevails also in the killing of wolves in the name of unsportsman like people. Get a life.

  136. These animals are gorgeous and should not be slaughtered . I also believe they should be transported to somewhere else and let live in peace. This is very sad that they are being killed.

  137. wot beautiful animals xxx

  138. Why not just transport the wolves to northern California let them live in peace

  139. I don't know about David Kelly, but I am certainly women enough to do it. and meet you any time you have guts enough to come this way. We love the wolves, you assholes make me sick. is that how you get your rocks off, killing wolves?? Put your ball where your mouth is asshole.

  140. Are you man enough to do it, or are you just the spineless idiot that is in the line of sheep? Internet tough guy huh?

  141. The beef industry is able to buy a lot of things like wolf and horse slaughter. The hunters are a violent , cruel, cowardly lot . To go into the home of these amazing animals, so closely related to dogs and slaughter them with no compassion makes these people ghouls. Then they have their photo taken with the dead body, while grinning like simpletons{which I guess they are}. What kind of depraved being does this ? It is despicable.

  142. Exactly!!Thats what Ive been saying all along as well.The demise of the wolf is due to idiot governments kissing the asses of hunters,for the revenue they generate .There’s a million hunters in Michigan alone. Its a very sad world we live in when money is more important, that they would even allow the wolf to become extinct in time.The wolf symbolizes our wilderness,hunters symbolize what man is…the most dangerous animal on our planet,

  143. Wolves should be protected!!!!

  144. These two assholes should be taken out, kneecapped and left for the animals.

  145. WOLVES are only killed, everywhere they are, because PERVERTED MAN wants to kill all the caribou, the deer, the elk, the everything that moves and is alive in the forests for TROPHY KILLING.

  146. No the wolves should not be killed!!!!!!!

  147. This entire slaughter is based on only two things: cattle and hunting industry. There is absolutely no scientific basis for killing this much-needed apex predator. In fact, recent studies show that since the wolf was introduced back into Yellowstone, the elk herd has thrived and the entire ecosystem has been rejuvenated. We need these predators for balance! The impetus behind the massive slaughter comes from the cattle and hunting industries. If the government allows the wolves to be eliminated, the ungulate herds overpopulate. Enter the hunters to “save” the herd from starvation by blasting away at them! No logic — no science — but LOTS OF MONEY for the government and many happy hunters! Less than 1/10 of 1% — YES — of killed livestock (cattle) are killed by wolves yet ranchers have pressured the government to get rid of this predator. Why? They can move more and more into “our” public lands and graze their cattle! Get it?

  148. Countless studies have shown that the wolves contribute to the ecosystem and are needed for balance. They have greatly improved the entire Yellowstone ecosystem since being introduced there, including the elk population, which has grown stronger! This all-out slaughter is happening for two reasons, neither of which has any scientific basis: cattle ranching and hunting industry. The government knows that if the wolves are eliminated, the ungulate herds will increase beyond capacity and the hunters can then have a shooting fest to “cull the herd”! More money for the government from licenses! Get it? Cattle ranchers want more welfare ranching and to expand their ranges; however, studies have shown that less than 1/10 of 1% — that’s right — of downed cattle or other livestock are killed by wolves. What’s behind all this slaughter? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  149. Silly drama queens…

  150. I will never understand the desire to hunt down and kill an innocent creature. What is lacking in these people's lives that drives them to inflict such cowardly, cruel acts of violence on our fellow inhabitants of this planet. Human beings are the worst species of all.

  151. C'mon now!!! For obvious reason rather than management of wolves the murdering of wolves is due to hatred. Mens fustration for whatever odd reasons they must slain an innocent wolves the wolves are taking a beating. Should the FWS manage wolves themselves or should the public continue to murder with such hatred?

  152. ban this inhumane hunting or killing for wolves , thank you

  153. I am chocked that the so called 'hunters' can't get it into their heads that this killing is no longer necessary.

  154. I wonder what it takes to accept and come forth that killing is not the answer nor the solution. What is it that you do not know or don't believe for my comment regards the people who voted "don't know" or "no". Take a stand against killing any form of creature.

  155. Here in northern California, there is one lone Wolf that occasionally strays across the Oregon border after being released from a captive breeding program. He's all alone. No mates. Wearing a radio collar, he's been tracked for hundreds of miles, endlessly and fruitlessly search for others of his kind. Fish & Wildlife have kept his location under wraps so that some asshole (like the pair in the photograph) is kept from shooting the last Wolf in the State.

    Natural predation by Wolves keeps Caribou herds strong. They take down the weakest members of these herds, and contribute in their own way to preserving the strongest individuals to pass along their genes. By eliminating these predators, the hunters aren't helping the herd at all. And as long as Wolves are being hunted legally in Canada– most particularly British Columbia– I will not spend a dime there on tourism or any product manufactured there.

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