Oct 252013

Wolves are being killed to protect both the Woodlands Caribou and the Mountain Caribou when in both instances they are not to be blamed.

The reason for the declining numbers of wolves is the environmental disturbances caused by: Mountain Caribou. Logging, Loss of habitat, roads that make access easy for predators and human entertainment of snowmobiling and skiing.

The proud hunt and smiles of Wolf hunters. Picture from http://www.skinnymoose.com

Woodlands Caribou. Poisoning of the environment by the Tar Sands mining project. Loss of habitat resulting from the tar sands mining project. Shortage of food and logging. Killing wolves is not a solution to the problem. Therefore the wolves die for no reason other than being the blame boy for the Tar Sands Mining project.

Help us stop the wanton killing of wolves now and send the Ministry of BC a clear message that their environmental policies must be in line with the protection of the environment. The unnecessary killing of wolves must stop immediately.

We invite you to vote to help stop this unnecessary wolf slaughter in British Columbia. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia be banned?

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Now that you’ve voted, please sign the petition:

Stop the killing of wolves to protect Mountain- and Woodland Caribou in British Columbia.

Don’t delay! Do it today.

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  • Coastline Rentals

    You are so right. Instead of regulating the tar sands – the easy way is always blame the top predator! These wolves are a major part of the eco system, and there are many studies out there for these people who think that killing wolves is a good thing NOT! There are many reasons for the decline of caribou etc…wolves is not one of them! Idiots…

  • Jennifer Kelly

    Thank god the majority of people were born with some common sense.



  • Billy Hunt

    I’m for the wolves, they are necessary, a part of nature, to keep balance, but I also feel if the pack gets to big, then we should cull some of them, not all of them,

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  • anne

    The wolf has been demonised for far too long so that much of the public see them as a danger. This gives the hunters a much easier ride to be able to kill them at will. I believe the public is beginning to see the wolf for the beautiful creature it is and
    are beginning to see that it must be saved and not hunted to extinction. The hunters themselves are cruel and hateful with no respect for any creature and must be stopped. So yes,yes, yes this slaughter of the wolves in British Columbia and
    anywhere else MUST be stopped.

    • options1

      I agree, and also the fear humans have of bears and cougars. Humans have such a misunderstanding of them because they don’t live with them and see them regularly.

  • Theresa Smith

    You know it should be anyone who hunt any animal then they should get hunted like the wolves

  • susan auger

    It’s ALWAYS about money.These magnificent much maligned and persecuted creatures deserve to be allowed to live in peace.Man is supposed to be a care taker but he has become a greedy ,inhumane killing machine devoid of any empathy or soul,believing his way is the right way….shameful.hunt the hunters !

  • Wendy Ranger

    Exactly!!Thats what Ive been saying all along as well.The demise of the wolf is due to idiot governments kissing the asses of hunters,for the revenue they generate .There’s a million hunters in Michigan alone. Its a very sad world we live in when money is more important, that they would even allow the wolf to become extinct in time.The wolf symbolizes our wilderness,hunters symbolize what man is…the most dangerous animal on our planet,

  • Barbara Rocco

    This entire slaughter is based on only two things: cattle and hunting industry. There is absolutely no scientific basis for killing this much-needed apex predator. In fact, recent studies show that since the wolf was introduced back into Yellowstone, the elk herd has thrived and the entire ecosystem has been rejuvenated. We need these predators for balance! The impetus behind the massive slaughter comes from the cattle and hunting industries. If the government allows the wolves to be eliminated, the ungulate herds overpopulate. Enter the hunters to “save” the herd from starvation by blasting away at them! No logic — no science — but LOTS OF MONEY for the government and many happy hunters! Less than 1/10 of 1% — YES — of killed livestock (cattle) are killed by wolves yet ranchers have pressured the government to get rid of this predator. Why? They can move more and more into “our” public lands and graze their cattle! Get it?

    • Amanda Gilbert

      Ban this evil murder of these beautiful animals.

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