Feb 082013
More from Zulfi

Today’s blog looks further at Mansur al Fahad’s visit to Zulfi last week. He tells me the birding is always good there and I can’t dispute that. As well as the pharaoh eagle owl and several steppe eagle featured in the last blog, there is much more to report on. For starters, Mansur managed to […]

Feb 052013
Vultures so close to Riyadh

On Thursday, after visiting the Kararah lake area, our birding party doubled back away towards Riyadh on the Mecca road before turning off north west. This was on route 505 according to the map but route 902 according to the road sign. This is an occupational hazard in Saudi Arabia, road sign numbers and map […]

Jan 122013
Happy New 2013!

So where have the blog gone? Why are you not posting any more, we want to hear some updates… In fact, I can think of so many excuses but the truth is, that I was just too lazy and didn’t have the mood to sit down and write while so many observations and reports have […]

Nov 022012
A new birding site - Ash Shargiyah Development Company Farm (Fadhili)

Whilst looking on Google Maps last year I saw a large set of Pivot fields in the desert inland from Jubail which looked very interesting. The trouble was I had no idea how to get to them as there did not appear to be any roads there. I spoke to Phil about them and we […]

Oct 262012
Shaybah - Rub Al Khali

The family travelled on a Saudi Aramco run trip to Shaybah on 4th October. This is a very special trip as this area is basically out of bounds to most people residing in Saudi Arabia, and when you take into account how few foreigners live in Saudi Arabia the number of foreigners who have visited […]