Itai Shanni

Itai Shanni

Itai Shanni is the coordinator of the Eilat Birding Blog, which is jointly written by the Israeli Ornithological Centre (IOC) and the International Birding and Research Centre Eilat (IBRCE). Itai is working to promote bird and wildlife conservation throughout this area. As an Israeli A licensed ringer, he also gives support for the IBRCE staff when needed. Itai has also developed a real passion for Odonata watching and spends many hot hours chasing also Dragonflies and Damselflies.

Apr 232014
A week summary in the Arava

Its been a long and hectic week for me with guiding and monitoring throughout. Bird migration is always a wonderful spectacle and there is always much to see (though not always what youexpect!). It started last Sunday when I was guiding Norbert Schafferand we had these wonderful birds which were described in my last post, […]

Apr 152014
It only gets better

As the season progress more and more migrants are found on a daily basis. In fact it is so hectic that I cant find the time to sit and write all the updates, so below is a very quick review of what was seen in the past 10 days: On 13th while guiding a happy […]

Mar 212014
Migration on high gear

Back from Spain and it seems that migration down the southern Arava and around Eilat are on high speedalready. I had great time on the Iberian peninsula with many interesting and enigmatic species and un-president numbers of Vultures and great company of people, but as always it is great to be back in my local […]

Mar 112014
They are back

OnTuesday, I will be heading towards the amazing FIO bird Festival at Extramadura. So before Ileave, I’ve decided to check ifnight-lifearound Yotveta is showing Spring as well. I wentout with Avi Meir and found 2 beautiful Egyptian Nightjars!After an absence of a year they are back and I hope that they will stay until I […]

Feb 212014
Let the games begin once again

After long idle due to being too occupied in moving into our new house at last, yesterday I went back to the field, joined by Shachar with his powerful Nikon (thus I didn’t really bother photographing…)We had a great day with many birds and goodevidenceof migration throughout. Starting at K20 we found the ponds loading […]

Feb 062014

While Winter is still around (at least according to the date) and with it some very nice species like thisPallid Scops Owl which was found by Shachar few weeks ago at Wadi Shlomo and was still present yesterday (I was afraidI’mnot going to see one this winter…)and the wintering Bonelli’s and Eastern Imperial Eaglesare still […]

Jan 232014
Signs of hope

The current monitoring work which was designed, is aiming to give some more specific insight about migration along the Arava but also to check target breeding species. Over the last 10 years numbers of Arabian Warblers have dropped dramatically in the Arava and in fact in the last breeding season, I could not locate even […]

Dec 052013
Late November update

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve had many opportunities to check most of the region best birding spots and It is probably not going to be remembered as the best season we had, but nevertheless, like I wrote in my last post, some very nice species can be found in various locations including 4-5 Oriental […]

Sep 272013
More news and updates from Eilat region

September is here and there are certainly many birds around! While Waders are coming in big numbers and variety, it is great to see also many new passerines moving through. The most thrilling for me was a bird i found last Friday (probably as a 40th birthday gift for myself) – a beautiful Grasshopper Warbler(only […]

Sep 022013
Wake me up when September comes

Green day punk band have almost got their lyrics right as it should have been – wake me up when September comes! After a long and hot summer it is very refreshing to see many migrants arriving on a daily basis with many juv individual among them.Eilat area is not at its best during Autumn […]