Jun 162017
Mongolia - 12th May (Day 5) - Dalanzadgad and Gurvan Saikhan National Park

After some early morning birding around the guest house at Dalanzadgad which produced much the same as yesterday including Isabelline Shrike,Pallas’s Bunting, Red-throated Thrush and Long-toed Stint we packed our bags and headed into the Gurvan Saikhan National Park around 45 minutes away.       Citrine Wagtail- Gurvan Saikhan National Park Isabelline Shrike – […]

Mar 192013
Wintering Birds of Lake Kawahara

Lake Kawahara is a small lake by the sea in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. It is not far from Kabashima, one of the best places for spring and autumn migrants. Lake Kawahara is particularly attractive to thrushes and starlings, but smaller passerines also winter here as there is plenty of shelter for them in the forests […]

Mar 122013
White’s Thrush (Zoothera aurea toratugumi)

I haven’t been doing much photography since returning from the Kagoshima & East Hokkaido tour, but this morning’s weather report looked great and I’d heard reports of a White’s Thrush at Kawahara Lake. So I thought I’d take the chance to photograph it. The taxonomy of Zoothera dauma (Scaly Thrush) has been disputed for a […]