5 Healthy Eating Habits Students Often Forget  About

5 Healthy Eating Habits Students Often Forget About

It is easy to stop paying attention to your lifestyle if you are a busy student who is dead set on keeping up with school activities, grades, written assignments, and so on. A lot of us sacrifice our lifestyle, thinking that there is no other way. Finally, we can’t get more than 24 hours in a day to handle everything we need to.

However, it is not always about time, and when it is, disrupting your lifestyle, especially your diet, is not the only option. For instance, finding a online essay service EssayHub is a good alternative. It can be all about your self-care while an expert handles your assignments, thus giving you time for a proper dinner and sleep.

But what if we tell you that you can have the same 24 hours and enough energy to manage all the stuff yourself without sacrificing anything but your bad habits? All you have to do is substitute those with the good ones, and voila!

Proper Combination of Products

Well, let’s imagine we have in store the most nutritious and healthy stuff:

  • salmon;

  • eggs;

  • a lamb steak;

  • cheese;

  • nuts;

  • orange fresh juice;

  • bananas;

  • oatmeal.

Does it mean that eating them all at once will make you full and satisfied for the whole day? Nope. Mixing these will give you indigestion. Animal products are usually high in fats, which means that consuming them the same day as nuts will result in excessive fat intake. Milk products and citrus fruits do not match at all – the milk coagulates, and you risk getting a loose motion.

Fruits and meat, when consumed together, lead to fermenting. In addition, meat takes a lot of time to get processed, and normally, the food doesn’t leave the stomach until everything is processed. It means that if you finish your meal with a steak, all the other elements that were not processed will stay in your stomach waiting for it and may start fermenting. So, the order means a lot too.

Biotics 8 provides potentially superior absorption of healthy bacteria using a strong, stomach acid-resistant capsule and is one of the top probiotics to lose weight. While some probiotic supplements use weak gelatin capsules, Biotics 8 takes advantage of vegetarian-friendly hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsules that provide better moisture and stomach acid resistance.

Finally, eating several kinds of proteins at once may lead to excessive intake of those, as well as make them hard to digest, especially when it comes to mixing eggs and meat. Moreover, the extra protein that can’t be used by the body in the nearest time leads to weight gain or even kidney and liver diseases if consumed regularly. Speaking of digestion, we need digestive enzymes to completely break down food, which improves digestion and nutrient absorption. But as we age, our bodies produce fewer digestive enzymes, which can lead to uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms and the need for supplements – this post over on The Nutrition Insider could be a great place to start for those looking to give their digestive system an extra helping hand.

To sum up, eating all kinds of healthy products without following some rules is not the key. The key is to combine the products that will help each other digest properly and give your body as many nutrients as needed.

Meals and Activities Are Not Compatible

Yes, having a snack on the go is sometimes the only option to not stay hungry for the whole day and keep up with all the chores and tasks. However, one mustn’t let it become a habit. The same goes for munching on a sandwich while writing a paper.

First of all, it does not help keep your work area clean, which is essential for concentration. So, if you desperately need time off to eat, then have a digital detox, relax, and enjoy your food instead of swallowing it hastily and without feeling much taste.

In case it means not submitting the papers on time, you can always address essay writing reviews or ask your teacher for an extension.

5 Healthy Eating Habits Students Often Forget About
5 Healthy Eating Habits Students Often Forget About

The Proportion of Animal and Plant Products

The debates about going vegan or vegetarian will probably never stop, so let’s not discuss how excluding meat or all animal-derived products may benefit one.

However, maybe those debates won’t ever get resolved for one single reason: there is no need to go to extremes. Our bodies need all kinds of nutrients. They can’t live only on proteins and fats, just like they can’t turn a lot of fiber and the B6 vitamin into proteins and the B12 vitamin.

Moreover, every body is unique and may absorb nutrients in drastically different amounts, which means that for someone, a vegan diet with a lot of legumes (proteins) and seeds (iron and proteins) will totally work. At the same time, another person’s health may suffer a lot from the lack of iron derived specifically from animal products. So, balance is key.

It is recommended that fruits and vegetables (fresh ones will work best) compose at least 50% of one’s diet. That way, our bodies get enough fiber to avoid potential gastrointestinal issues and give us energy. At the same time, for the feeling of fullness to last longer, one should get enough fats and proteins.

If you follow the formula of 50% of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will automatically set a threshold for carbs and proteins, making it impossible to eat too much of those.

Proteins and Water Help Avoid Overeating

Hunger and thirst are as easy to confuse as hunger and appetite. Protein deficiency is a generally acknowledged trigger of appetite and overeating. That is why one should always mind the protein intake.

The earlier you eat the proteins, the better. The thing is, they take a lot of time to digest, which means a longer sense of fullness. Yet, it is also important to let them digest before you fall asleep. So, if you are into meat, eat it for breakfast or lunch.

What concerns water, it is important for one’s metabolism and checking whether you really want that pizza or are simply thirsty.

Stress Management Is Also Important

This is one single habit that doesn’t concern food consumption directly. Even if you are not the one tending to overeat, there must be someone who suffers from it. The most frequent reason for binge eating is the dopamine one gets after a tasty meal. And if your brain is not accustomed to overcoming stress using other ways (basically, that is about good habits), it resorts to the only thing it is aware of to fight stress: getting dopamine from food.

So, do google and ask for help to learn about those good habits. It does not matter whether it’s about talking to a therapist, meditating, or writing a personal diary to get it out of your system. The point is not to self-medicate or switch to another bad habit like smoking and find healthy sources of dopamine and antioxidants that make us stress-resistant.


The general rule to be drawn from all the things said above is that moderation is key. Pizza and snacks every day? Lack of B vitamins and excessive sugar. Kale and spinach with rice for several days in a row? You will hate those products and lack the energy to handle all your school assignments. Mono-diets? That one ingredient may repel you for the rest of your life or even give you an allergy.

Meat three times a day? Your body will waste more energy processing it and give you stomach aches, leave alone long-term consequences for your heart, liver, bones, and kidneys. So, do follow the tips above to acquire new healthy eating habits, and you will be just fine!

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