6 Best Eco-Tourism Destinations on Student Budget

6 Best Eco-Tourism Destinations on Student Budget

If you are a student with a limited budget, it does not mean that you should feel challenged as you plan to travel and explore the world. Even though most classic destinations you can find online will be well over your funds, eco-tourism is a solution. The best part about them is that you can explore things locally and abroad and show genuine care for our environment, acting responsibly. Regardless of what you may be learning or what objectives you have set for your destination, becoming a part of wildlife and showing care for ecology is essential!

6 Best Eco-Tourism Destinations on Student Budget

1. Budapest, Hungary.

A true paradise for sustainability tourists in Europe. Budapest can be visited in winter, yet it’s suitable all year round. You will enjoy beautiful sights and affordable cuisine. There are numerous museums worth visiting and great accommodation offers for students. The thermal baths alone are worth the visit as you will enjoy nature untouched and meet the locals who follow the natural way of life!

2. Karnataka, India.

If you want to appear in a true wildlife sanctuary, Dandeli is worth your attention! Although an Internet connection might not be available everywhere, it’s a thrilling destination to explore nature and disconnect yourself from the world. If you still have to study, see essay examples free of charge, and remember that you can always find expert help when you are running out of time or cannot understand how to deal with a certain academic problem!

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As long as you book something away from the city’s center, you can enjoy your Dutch trip. Even if you want to combine eco-tourism with nightclubs, Amsterdam will happily offer both. Just talk to the locals who speak excellent English and ask them about the museums, exhibitions, natural sights, and what interests you to make your trip even more inspiring!

4. Costa Rica.

It’s ideal for student travelers as they explore tropical forests or take a trip through the mountains. It’s always green and shiny without costing a fortune! Make sure to visit this beautiful country if you have an opportunity and see anything from volcanoes to sandy beaches! One of the best times to arrive in the country is between May and November to keep the prices low!

5. Denver, Colorado.

If an eco-trip that you envision relates to the culture of the Wild West, visiting Denver is a great option. Contrary to popular belief, it can be managed even when your budget is limited. You can explore nature and find many eco-friendly trips and offerings if you take your time, depending on the time of the year. So if you are in the USA or belong to exchange students, see this useful link for a list of helpful travel apps, and remember to take pictures and notes as you travel!

6. Cambodia.

If you are looking for something more exclusive and unusual, choosing Cambodia’s famous and safe Siem Reap for eco-travel purposes is much cheaper than visiting countries like Thailand or even Vietnam. It has numerous sustainability hotels, and the prices are more affordable than anywhere in Southeast Asia. You can explore anything from famous religious monuments to wildlife, which is available in abundance for those willing to explore.

Combining Travel and Studies!

Many student travelers do not know that you can combine your travel plans with your studies, as most colleges offer many hybrid courses and virtual classrooms. Talk to your college professor about flexibility in your schedule and consider an eco-tourism destination even in the middle of your term. As long as you feel inspired and can learn in a different environment, you will be able to get things done and keep your mind and heart open. This way, it will feel like you are taking a break and help yourself feel less stressed and exhausted!


Mary Herd is an eco-friendly individual who loves to explore wildlife and help people of all ages learn about environmental protection. As an academic writing consultant and educator, she seeks solutions to let students and educators learn differently. Follow Mary to find inspiration and learn of amazing opportunities.

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