7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe While Outdoors

7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe While Outdoors

Keeping your dog safe is every dog owner’s top priority. When your dog isn’t safe, they aren’t healthy. When they aren’t healthy, then they aren’t happy. And unhappy dogs make for unhappy owners.

Since your dog has to go outside, typically multiple times a day, it’s important you know how to keep them safe when they aren’t in your home. From cars and people to even other dogs, there are lots of safety concerns outside. Here are some of the best ways to keep your dog safe when they’re outdoors!

1) Give them a trackable dog tag to wear

These days, you can track just about anything. Did you know you can also track your dog with a specialized dog tag? The Tile for pets is a unique first-of-its-kind trackable dog tag that allows you to track your dog’s location using Tile’s state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology.

It’s the perfect dog tag for any dog to wear while outdoors. Even if you have a fenced-in yard, you’ll still want them to wear a dog tag. They might jump over the fence or dig a hole underneath. They might get out of the gate or unlatch it.

There are lots of different ways that your dog might get out or run away, so having a trackable tag on them will go a long way to ensuring they’re returned to you safe and sound.

2) Fence in your yard

While fences aren’t foolproof, they are a great safety tool with your dog. Make sure you’ve fenced in your yard. If you don’t have the option to do so, then only let your dog outside when you can take them on a leash.

A secure dog collar and leash set is a dog safety essential, regardless of whether or not you have a fenced-in yard. And, if you notice there are patches of your fence you need to fix, only take your dog out on its leash until you can get those patches fixed up.

A fenced-in yard has benefits beyond your dog’s safety. It’s also a great way to keep your space private. You can easily host more outdoor events at your home or spend time outdoors if you don’t have to worry about people seeing into your backyard space.

3) Cover your pool when it’s not in use

During the summer, you probably have the pool cover off for easy access. However, during the winter and even some of the months in the fall and spring, it’s important you cover your pool so your dogs, kids or other people or animals don’t accidentally fall into your cold pool.

It’s a huge safety hazard to have your pool uncovered when you aren’t using it. This also goes for a hot tub or any other water features you might have outside.

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, so of course they’ll want to sniff and dive in, especially if they see a bird swimming around in the water.

4) Teach them to stay by you

Training your dog to follow commands and listen to your voice will do wonders for their safety. Even if they normally wear a leash, they might start to pull if they get intrigued by a scent or another animal.

This can be entirely unsafe for you and your dog, so training them to follow simple commands such as “heel,” “stay” and “wait” can go a long way toward keeping them safe while outdoors with you.

These commands are especially important if your dog doesn’t have a yard to run around in and, instead, is only able to go out in public spaces with you.

5) Try to walk during daylight

Walking during daylight hours, or when the sun is up, can be a major way to keep yourself and your dog safe while outdoors. This makes it easier to see both you and your dog.

Of course, many dog owners aren’t able to get home until the sun starts to set, but walking during daylight is just one of many options you can choose from.

If you do find yourself having to walk your dog at night or early in the morning before the sun rises, try to make sure you both wear reflective, bright clothing that headlights can easily shine on.

6) Always have extra water

Water is necessary for your dog’s survival. Have water readily available for your dog, no matter how they’re going to be outside.

Whether you invest in some extra bowls for outside, you create a door that’s easy for your dogs to use to get in and out of your home or you bring along a portable dog bowl on your walks together, having extra water around will help to ensure they don’t get dehydrated while outdoors.

A dehydrated dog can suffer from major health issues, especially during the summer when the chance of heat exhaustion is higher.

7) Don’t tie your dog up

You might be tempted to tie your dog to a tree or a post on your deck. However, this can be extremely harmful for your dog, especially if they don’t have a harness.

Your dog can get tangled in the chain or leash you used, and it can pull on the vertebrae in their neck if they try to charge away from their post. Altogether, tying your dog up outside is a bad decision that definitely isn’t safe for them.

Do yourself and your dog a favor and avoid tying them up outside.

Keeping your dog safe outdoors can seem like a big challenge, but there are lots of ways you can work to keep them safe.

From secure collars and leashes to extra water, implementing some simple tasks can go a long way to helping your dog enjoy their outdoor time safely. Above all, just remember to keep an eye on your dog and watch for any signs that they may be injured or even scared.

Know when to bring them inside and when to let them run free, and you’re well on your way to being the best dog owner out there!

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