8 Best Cat Breeds With the Most Friendly Personalities

8 Best Cat Breeds With the Most Friendly Personalities

Cats are usually full of character, and it is much harder to train them. So if you prefer a cat with a calmer personality that will fit perfectly in your household, you need to do your research. Cats are more selfish than dogs, and some are pretty unfriendly, especially to strangers or kids. But some breeds will change your mind completely. Keep reading to find out which are the best cat breeds with the most friendly personalities.

1) Ragdolls

This breed just loves humans and having someone around. And when it comes to scratches, they just can’t get enough of them. Ragdolls get very attached to their families and often sleep in your bed or follow you around. 

We should also say that they are just stunningly beautiful. Most of them have gorgeous blue eyes that will look at you with so much love. They have semi-long hair, mainly in a lighter color, with splashes of brown and gray around the eyes and the ears. This breed is also very friendly with kids, so you won’t have to worry if you have a little one at home.

2) Ginger Cats

We can’t neglect how movies and TV series affect people when they choose a cat. For example, thanks to Garfield, Ginger cats became a preferred choice for many. Learn more about this breed and see why it is one of the best to get if you are a first-time cat owner or have kids in your family. 

They can come with different coat coloring and each of them is just stunningly beautiful. If you would like to have a furry best friend, you should most definitely get a Ginger cat. 

3) Scottish Folds

Don’t you just love the ears of the Scottish Folds? Sometimes we feel this is the cutest thing we have ever seen. This breed is considered elite because they are just gorgeous inside and out. Their calm and friendly personality makes them perfect for families with kids or older people’s pets. 

Their extremely large eyes will just feel your heart with joy. Scottish Folds love their humans and are very friendly, even to strangers willing to give them some scratching. They come in many different colors, and each is just amazingly beautiful.

4) British Shorthairs

After talking about the Scottish breed, let’s mention their famous British neighbor — the British Shorthairs. These fluffy clouds will bring so much joy into your household because they are just the perfect combination of a calm and playful pet. 

They love their alone time when they can just spend hours on the couch, but they will also love to spend some time with their human playing around. They can play with even little kids without you worrying that it will turn into tough love. Their blue-gray is so beautiful and soft that you won’t even want to stop petting your lovely British Shorthair.

5) Maine Coons

You might have heard the Maine Coon breed being called the gentle giant, too, and this should tell you everything you need to know about them. They are known for their huge size and lovely characters. They can become even bigger than the small dog breeds, and they will be just as friendly. 

Their personality is very calm, but they still will appreciate a good gaming session with their favorite human. Maine Coons are not the type of cat that will need a lot of special attention; they are a breed that will be a perfect addition to any family.

6) Exotic Shorthairs

Exotic Shorthairs might remind a bit of Persians, but they are much calmer, and their hair is considerably shorter. Their squished faces make them look cute, and you just want to cuddle them. Exotic Shorthairs are playful and can go around for hours with their owner. They are also known to live very long so that you will have a friend for a long while!

8 Best Cat Breeds With the Most Friendly Personalities
8 Best Cat Breeds With the Most Friendly Personalities

7) Birmans

If there were a beauty contest for different cat breeds, perhaps the Birmans would be the winner. Their soft white coat that might slightly remind you of a Siamese will make you just want to have one of those cats at home. On top of their beauty, they are very affectionate cats with calm, charming characters.

They love sitting in their owner’s lap for hours which can be so pleasant if you have the option to work from home. They are calm and love some alone time, so you should respect this treat of their character.

8) Bengals

Last but not least, perfect is the Bengals. They are perfect for families with kids or more pets, especially dogs. Their sweet and calm personality is known to deal well with a very noisy household that might be too stressful for other breeds. They are also very adventurous and love to play with even bigger animals so that they can become best friends with your dog. 

Bengals are very beautiful with their cheetah-like coating that, even though short, is very soft and perfect for petting. They can do quite well on their own and will find what to do for entertainment, so they are an ideal pet for people working from an office.

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