Apparels And Kits That Women Should Load Before Hunting

Apparels And Kits That Women Should Load Before Hunting

Are you about to go on a hunting trip for the first time? Do you just need to upgrade your gear? Here are some essential items that all women should pack before they head into the brush.

There is this strange belief among marketing managers that women need smaller products than men, with pink packaging. Obviously striding through the undergrowth with a bright pink rifle isn’t the best way to defend yourself from predators. On the other hand, that might be your style and that’s just fine.

All we are saying is that men’s hunting gear and women’s hunting gear are not all that different. They don’t need to be. Our kit should focus on keeping us alive in harsh climates, not on looking good in the field… as it should be.

With that in mind, let’s talk about what women should load into their kit bag before they hit the road.

Going Hunting? Savvy Women Take These Kits

Packing for a hunting trip is difficult if you don’t know what you will need. Consider the following apparel when you go hunting.

Merino Wool Long Johns (for Women)

You must start with a solid base layer before you add to it. Anything other than a mid-summer hunt requires a long John or thermal underwear starting point. The best top and bottom layer sets you can get in women’s hunting clothes are Merino wool. Look out for Merino base layer garments since they are known for odor resistance, moisture wicking, and longevity. A good set will last you years.

Mid-Layer Fleece

The Mid-layer fleece is essential for hunting at heights or in cold weather. You can wear t-shirts in between layers, but not beside your skin since the cotton will make you sweat. Instead, try a base layer of soft wool, then a tee, then a mid-layer fleece. The fleece is your extra padding layer. It will keep you warm while you are in the field. You can wear extra sweaters under it in harsh weather and you can wear vests over or under it as you see fit. Look for brands like First-Lite and Trespass.

Top Layer Jacket

Choosing a good, waxed jacket or soft shell will help reduce rustling in the field. On the other hand, a jacket with lots of mesh allows you to clip on more gear, meaning your hands stay free. In summer, think of a lighter material that keeps out the rain. In winter, that outer layer can never be thick enough. Think about camo, too. Does it match the season and the terrain? If not, do without it and choose muted khakis, instead.

A Hardy Backpack

The backpack that you put all of this in needs to match the occasion. Choose from modular backpacks, lightweight backpacks, and even ultralight packs. Make sure it is waterproof and that it holds all the gear you need. Again, mesh reduces the items you must pack or carry.

Excellent Boots

Women’s boots or men’s boots – it doesn’t matter. When you go hunting, you need dry feet. We always advise that you take at least double the pairs of socks that you think you will need. After that, a sturdy pair of boots that don’t let in the damp will save you from a medical disaster.

Emergency Heat

When we say emergency heat, we mean throw in a few handwarmer packets to stop your fingers from freezing. You can place heat packs anywhere on your body, so they can save you in a pinch. Buy the long-lasting ones and pack your hot water bottle for best effect. You can find a further list of emergency supplies to pack courtesy of Women Outdoors News.

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