Plan A is a fully-fledged fundraising platform in the fight against climate change. We strive to provide accurate, on point, and fun information to raise awareness on the anthropocene and its negative impact on nature, humans and wildlife alike.

Apr 232018
The Curious Case of Lemur Conservation

As primates, lemurs are some of our closest living relatives and yet, for many people, they are something of a mystery, with their eyes a bit too large to be normal, and a cartoon character letting everybody know they like to move it in a kid’s movie. Plan A and Net Positive Impact are raising the funds […]

Apr 172018
For a new relationship with Wilderness

There was a time, not-so-very-distant-at-all, when wilderness management corresponded to “the art of producing sustained populations of wild vertebrates for man’s convenience, pleasure, and use” (Alexander, 1962). Wildlife conservation so far has indeed been more about human satisfaction than natural balance. A healthy wildlife population is one of the pillars of humanity and nature as we understand it. […]

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