Best Photo of the Week Ended 21 Jul 2012

Best Photo of the Week Ended 21 Jul 2012

We are pleased to present the winners of our most recent “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. First Prize goes toFabiola Forns for “Cleaning house”, Second Prize to Rick Lieder for “String Theory” and the Third Prize to Jefferson Silva for “Sharp-Tailed Grass Tyrant” (see images below with links to the original articles).

Best Photo of the Week Ended 21 Jul 2012
“Cleaning house” by Fabiola Forns
Culicivora caudacuta Sao Roque de Minas 07 07 12 IMG 15557
“Sharp-Tailed Grass Tyrant” by Jefferson Silva
Orchard Orbweaver 1103103c
“String Theory” by Rick Lieder

The voting for all entries can be seen on the link – Best Photo of the Week Competition.

Best Photo of the Week – Conditions of Entry

1) Entries will be selected from articles posted during the previous week

2) Entries will be limited to one original photo per author / contributor.

3) Any person can propose photos for entry by sending an e-mail to the webmaster.

4) In the absence of entry proposals the webmaster will make the selection.

5) Vote soliciting for individual entries through Facebook is not allowed

6) Winning photos will be featured on our banner.

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